Why Should We opt for a Sloped Roof?

There are only two choices when it comes to roof shape – we can either go for a sloped roof (also known as a pitched roof) or opt for a flat one. With a sloped roof, there are many possibilities in terms of shape and how many slopes we choose to have. That is the exciting part about having a professional roofer design and construct that type of roof for us.

With this in mind, we shall explore here the sloped roof to understand why we should opt for that type of roof in preference to a flat one that is cheaper to construct but more expensive to maintain.

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Protection from the Weather

More protection from the elements is offered by a sloped roof than a flat roof which will collect rainwater rather than deflect it. The effect of water gathering on a flat roof is known as pooling. However, with a sloped roof, we can ignore the possibility because both rainwater and snow will be deflected down and off the property. This stops the stagnant water from having a chance to collect and leak inside to cause damage.

Where high winds will represent a problem for many roofs, those that have three or more slopes will be better protected. It is, in fact, possible to have four slopes, no less. The more slopes, the better protection from the wind and the more appeal a property has.

A house with four sloping sides is referred to as a Mansard. You can think of it as a four-sided Gambrel roof if you prefer. Its steepest angle is on the lower slope and its wide angle is on the upper. Design-wise, the steeper lower level will have windows that allow more space for extra rooms. It does sound like an appealing option. The more slopes, the better, when it comes to thinking about storm protection and aesthetics.

The Appeal of a Sloped Roof

There is no doubt that sloped roofs are more appealing than flat ones. Real Estate agents and homebuyers certainly think so. This means that a sloped roof will add value to your property and so become the type of home improvement that can be considered a good investment for the future.

If you want a sloped roof but are on a budget, then the gable roof is the easiest and cheapest kind to build. It also has the advantage of being less prone to leaks than if it had hips or valleys. A hipped roof is one with a sharp edge from its ridge to its eaves where the roof’s two sides meet. The valley is defined as the area running between two slopes of a roof. Think of this kind of roof like a mountain range. A sloped roof is, after all, more picturesque than just a flat roof.

Better Ventilation

Steep sloped roofs improve ventilation by creating extra space in a property’s structure, allowing for the space below a roof to fill with air and so change how a heating and cooling system such as an HVAC will work. A low sloped roof will be responsible for limiting this extra air, which will make things much more comfortable throughout the different seasons. This is the thinking. It is a good reason for having a sloped roof. We all want to be comfortable in terms of temperature and will be looking at energy efficiency in terms of our household budget and from an environmental point of view.

In consideration of the above, it is clear to see that sloped or pitched roofs offer many advantages compared to just flat ones. Advantages that justify the extra time and cost involved in constructing between one and four slopes. The slopes constructed will offer good protection against wet and windy weather, and it can also offer curb appeal. Also, ventilation in a home is improved, making things much more pleasant throughout the seasons. What is not to love about sloped roofs? I must admit, as the writer of this article, that I’m certainly sold on the idea.