Ways to make your dog feel more comfortable in your home

Dogs are man’s best friends! If you are fortunate enough to have one, you probably want to do everything in your power to make them feel comfortable, happy, and at ease in your home.  So, here some helpful tips to make your adorable pal(s) feel at home!

  • Complete some DIY projects

A perhaps less conventional but creative way to make your dog feel more comfortable is through undertaking a DIY project. This can include creating a doggy throne, making a personalized feeding station, or even building a station specifically for washing your dog. Hand-making these products for your dog will allow personalization and a catering to their needs. For example, if you have a tall dog, creating a higher feeding station than a typical feeding bowel will undoubtedly make your dog more relaxed and cared for.

  • Improve access to the inside and outside of your home

Improving access to spaces such as the garden, patio, or outdoor space is a must if you own a dog. This is not only helpful in terms of potty training but can also be beneficial when they want to play outside and get some sunshine and fresh air.

Instead of having to get up and open and unlock the door for them every time they want to access the garden, evoproducts.com offers options, such as automatic sliding doors, which will automatically open the door whenever your furry friend wants to enter. Importantly, the door can be personalized to open solely for your dog and no other animal. By investing in such a product, your dog is likely to feel more at ease as they can play outdoors and or go to the toilet whenever they please.

  • Give your dog their own space

Another way to make them feel at home is by giving them their own space. This is extremely important as it enables them the opportunity to seek shelter somewhere, they feel safe. Equipping the space with food and water is highly recommended and placing it somewhere that is quiet and peaceful will also be advantageous. Doing so can provide mental enrichment and bring peace and happiness to your dog. Adding a few of their favorite toys and a memory foam dog bed might also encourage them to associate the space with happy and positive thoughts.

  • Dog proof your home

Dog proofing your home is important as it will prevent instances where your dog’s curiosity gets the better of them, and they encounter something frightening. By dog proofing every room in your house, your dog will be more comfortable as they know they are safe. Removing dangerous items from their reach is one way to do this. Also, simple things, such as closing the toilet, installing gates, and tidying wires, are other important considerations. Remember, dogs are animals at the end of the day, so being careful, i.e., avoiding placing items around the house that can spark their curiosity and subsequent harm, is vital.