An Unforgettable But Budget-Friendly Family Winter Vacation

With summer a distant memory, the opportunity to enjoy a family vacation during winter is a joyous one. However, with the average family vacation costing $1,145 per person, it can also be a costly expense. According to Entrepreneur, a family of four will shell out $4,580 on their vacation before they even leave home. Additionally, spending money will also need to be factored in. Therefore, setting a budget for your winter family vacation is beneficial. But, is it possible to enjoy a family vacation and not go over your budget?

Choose an activity filled resort

Tours and excursions during your trip can really push your budget to the max. Value Penguin states that the typical holidaymaker will spend $293 on entertainment, such as sports and theme park tickets while abroad. Therefore, when choosing your winter holiday destination, it’s wise to seek out a resort which offers plenty of onsite activities for all the family to enjoy. You’ll often find some of these pursuits are free of charge, while others may come with a small cost. However, you’ll save in the long run as you won’t be paying out on travel. Additionally, the kids will be happier that they don’t have to spend their winter vacation cooped up in a cold car or chilly bus.

Book in advance

If you haven’t booked your family’s winter break yet, then now is the time to do it. According to KSL, last minute travelers pay as much as30% more than families who book in advance. Researching online for your family vacation is advantageous as it allows you to easily review and compare resorts and prices. Additionally, discount codes and special online-only deals are frequently available on the net. As a result, you’ll bag your vacation for less, which will give you a little extra spending money for your trip.

Have an emergency buffer in your budget

While setting a budget is a must, it’s beneficial to have an emergency buffer within your budget to fall back on. Having several hundred dollars readily available should you need it will ensure that any unexpected expenses on your winter trip are covered. It also means that if you end up budgeting really well during your holiday, you can spend the extra money on something to treat the entire family. Have you ever been in a private jet? At Jettly, and similar private jet charters, you can look into hiring a private jet to enjoy as a family to really make the trip special. As you’re holidaying during the coldest part of the year, you might find you need to purchase extra gloves, scarves and warming drinks to enjoy your trip. And, you won’t feel guilty for purchasing these luxuries with your emergency buffer on hand.

Avoid pricey memorabilia

Soft toys, pencils and clothing emblazoned with your winter holiday destination may be a nice thought at the time, but they’re costly. Furthermore, once your kids return home from their winter break, they’ll never be thought of again. Therefore, making your own special items is a much more cost-effective and memorable way to remember your family’s winter vacation. Give your kids disposable cameras so they can take their own snaps of your snowy trip. These can then be used to create a snapbook which will provide them with lasting memories.

A winter holiday is a great way for the entire family to enjoy a break away together. However, your vacation doesn’t have to go over budget so long as you choose a resort which suits your needs and avoid last minute deals. Furthermore, ensure you have emergency savings in case of any unexpected expenses and avoid pricey memorabilia.