Turn your new house into a home

Congratulations! You have bought your own house and provided for your family. Now, you need to turn that house into a home and make it truly yours. Besides bigger pieces of furniture, such as beds, sofas and closets, you will need to try harder in order to transform a mere house into your family’s home. Here is what you need to add to achieve this.


The floor is what unites the entire home and it’s important to know what is going on under your feet. Carpets aren’t the only thing you can do with the flooring but they are most commonly present because they provide safety and insulation. Additionally, rugs and carpets absorb all the sounds and stop the steps from echoing which automatically makes the house feel less empty. So, textile is important part of the floors and you should find a soft carpet or a rug that will complete the look of the design, provide contrast and necessary warmth. To make it more about your family, you can lay your grandmother’s rug, have it custom made or even make your own floor cloth.

Big Entrance

Interior design is not the only thing that matters. In order for a house to feel and look like a home, its curb appeal should be good, as well. Repair the driveway, plant your favorite flowers in the front yard and repaint the façade. Also, decorate your porch a little bit, add cushions, antique swings and good lighting. The front door should make a statement, so pick a bolder color that will contrast the rest of the façade and don’t forget about the door mats. You can opt for a classic “welcome” door mat, but if you enjoy creative art, you can always opt for some door mats in bolder colors, with funny writings and even in some odd shapes.


Turning your new house into a home means that you also have to make sure that all systems of the house are functional and in top shape. For your family to settle in and feel at home, it is important that every aspect, from the plumbing to the heating & cooling, is looked at and any repairs taken care of. A new house often has smoothly running systems, but it would still be in your best interests to inspect and carry out repair and maintenance work for the house. The heating & cooling of the house are the major comfort providers, and making them more efficient could go a long way in ensuring that you and your family stay happy and healthy. You can go here to learn more about how optimal heating & cooling can have a great impact on the home environment. Don’t hesitate to call for professional help if required.

Make Memories

If you focus only on material things, your house will never be a home. Invite your friends and family over to your house and enjoy dinners and drinks over some music and movies. Make memories with your spouse and children and don’t forget to take photos. Later, those photos that you cherish the most can become a part of your design and you can always look back and remember those amazing events and moments. You can easily create a nice memory wall above the fireplace or by the stairs, upgrade your interior design and make it truly yours.

Personal Touch

Another great way to make the house unique only to you is to add something yours. This can easily be done through some artwork you did yourself or with your children. Additionally, you can expose your pretty dresses and blouses and make them part of the décor. The same can be done with the shoes, just display them on the shelves and voila! Antique ornaments you got from your grandparents, your jewelry, small sculptures and anything else you love and cherish will contribute to making a house your home. Don’t be afraid to display your things and surround yourself with your favorite colors in order to create your personal living space.

A house is just a roof over your head, but a home is a safe place where you feel welcome. Be creative and put your and your family’s things on display and an ordinary house will instantly become your own home.