Top Ways to Childproof Your Bathroom

Childproofing your bathroom should be done for kids from the age of infancy to their teenage years. When you have any small person in your home, there can be hazardous materials that you need to protect them from. From your dustbin to the shampoo that you buy, you have to be careful that your kids don’t get a hold of something that could harm them.

For small children, doors can be locked, but as they get older, they will need more access to places like the bathroom. Try these nifty childproofing methods to keep your bathroom a safe environment.

Invest in Non-Slip Mats

Most household accidents happen in the bathroom. With tiles being the more durable material to sustain water and moisture, bathrooms need mats. When it comes to young children, they don’t have the same balance and coordination skills as adults. They are more prone to slipping on a wet surface, leading to injuries.

Invest in a mat for the bathtub and shower. Place another one just outside the bath and shower, and a third one by the washbasin. If your bathroom is rather large, you will either need multiple non-slip mats or a few very large ones. To keep the floor free from water that needs to be cleaned up, educate your children about drying off properly before they get out of the bathtub or shower.

Lockable or Hidden Cabinets

Whenever you have a cabinet in the house around young children, you need to keep it closed and locked. Children are curious beings who want to explore. Bathroom cabinets house an array of items. From towels and toilet paper to hairdryers and razors, bathrooms often have items that only adults should be handling.

Lockable cabinets can be custom-made to fit your bathroom. Choose one with a secure lock that can only be opened with a key. Hidden cabinets are another variation, in which you can disguise cabinets as other things in the house or hide them behind walls. Similar cabinet types can be easily sourced by visiting for any sized bathroom.

Elevate Toiletry Items

Most often, people will keep cleaning products such as ammonia in an easy-to-reach place. With young children in the house, this needs to be elevated so that only an adult can reach the substances. Toiletry items include shaving cream, deodorant, bleach, nail clippers, and medicines among many more. Whether you choose to place shelves or cabinets higher up on the wall, make sure that there are no steps that the children can use to access those areas.

Add Corner Guards

Even as adults you will hit your head every so often, but as children grow, they will have numerous little bumps and bruises. You can minimise this by securing rubber guards on all the corners of the bathroom. Cabinets, the bathtub, the doorframe – everything that can be run into accidentally needs to be included.

Your bathroom is an important room in the house, but you need to keep it protected from any young child. As well as all of these childproofing methods, be sure to cover up electrical sockets, and don’t leave items on the floor where they are accessible.