Top 5 Bathroom Makeovers to Draw Inspiration From

Is your bathroom ready for a makeover from a contractor like Boulden Brothers? Do you keep seeing that one thing that is missing, and that instead of having a polished and spa-like feel, your bathroom looks plain and dull? If so, it’s time you take matters into your own hands and start remodeling. With a couple of creative ideas we’ve collected for you, all you are required to do is decide on the one that best fits your taste, get in touch with a reliable plumber, and your home will get a stunning new oasis for you to relax in.

Gorgeous Grey

What was once sponge painted and outdated is now turned into grey, clean and fabulous. Sponge-painted walls really used to make the bathroom look gloomy and uninviting, while the light shades of grey make it incredibly gorgeous. The homeowner chose to keep the room layout the same, so there was no need for plumbing change, and with Moroccan cement floor tiles, the bathroom looks sophisticated and beautiful. With a new custom medicine cabinet and stylish towel rack, the bathroom now looks like those from interior design magazines.

Vintage Farmhouse Style

Orange is definitely not the colour for bathroom walls. Being that it’s already somewhat a cramped room, the bathroom required light shades. This is especially true for walls and floors. Therefore, the homeowner decided to get rid of an uncomfortable and unwelcoming design and opted for creating an antique look instead. With beige walls and mosaic shower tiles, alongside vintage vanity and rustic pedestal sink, this bathroom got the ever-needed upgrade.

From Cramped Tub to Luxurious Shower

Sometimes the construction workers don’t really make a good estimation when they build tubs into the bathroom, so you end up with a bathtub that just too big for a cramped bathroom. Add dark wood walls and hardwood floor to it and you can immediately start thinking about the bathroom makeover. That’s why the homeowner decided to remove the original tub, and with a bit of wall shifting, he created a perfectly large shower space. By adding ceiling-mounted showers, the bathroom now looks higher than it actually was.

Walls Make a Difference

Plain white walls with no accent colours or any decoration made this bathroom look dull. That’s why the owner decided to transform the bathroom completely, by adding a rustic accent wall to achieve a unique effect. The owner used 2-inch-thick wooden slices that are glued and nailed to a plywood backing so that the mosaic appears as stacked firewood. He invested in new sinks, a toilet and tub he found at Acqua Bathrooms for a very affordable price and turned this previously dull bathroom into a warm and comfortable room.

Light and White

Mosaic tile floor tends to look drab in the bathroom, so it’s best to avoid it. This is the first thing that the homeowner did during this bathroom renovation. Aside from the floor tiles, wooden walls and low ceilings made it look smaller than it actually was. Therefore, after installing a larger window and painting the walls eggshell, the room immediately became brighter and more inviting. White tiles were the perfect alternative to mosaic ones and gave the bathroom a clean, polished look. With a new pedestal sink and some wall art above the bathtub, the bathroom definitely looks charming.

Final Thoughts

Bathroom renovation can be a challenging process, but it’s worth every second of effort. If you’re having a hard time figuring out what you want your bathroom to look like, hopefully, previous suggestions will come in handy. You could also learn more about the various services provided by plumbing professionals including those from Kellie Plumbing, Inc. to get more ideas for the renovation process.

Just remember, whether you decide just to repaint it, or do a complete makeover, with a little bit of creativity any bathroom can go from plain and dull, to incredibly sophisticated and inviting.