Tips to Help You Navigate a Divorce Post COVID-19

Are you in the middle of a divorce? And, have you and your marital partner had children together? Or, has the current global pandemic and its impact on the world resulted in a total breakdown in relations between you and your spouse and you’ve decided to get divorced?

The world is slowly emerging from the global pandemic that has brought the global economy to an instant halt. Over 50% of the global population is currently facing varying levels of lockdown or stay-at-home orders in a desperate attempt to stop the virus from overwhelming society, especially the healthcare facilities. The new normal is here and, because a similar scenario has never been experienced before, no one really knows what the new normal will look like.

Divorce is stressful under normal circumstances. It is ranked as the second most stressful life event on the Holmes and Rahe Life Change Scale, just below the death of a spouse.

However, the current COVID-19 pandemic is adding a whole new layer of insecurity, stress, and anxiety to everyone who lives in the world.

The journal article titled, “The outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus and its impact on global mental health,” notes that “the current outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus infection among humans in Wuhan (China) and its spreading around the globe is heavily impacting on global health and mental health.”

And, “this outbreak is leading to additional health problems such as stress, anxiety, depressive symptoms, insomnia, denial, anger and fear globally.”

Consequently, if you add the usual stress from going through a divorce plus the strain of living through the coronavirus pandemic, it makes sense that your anxiety levels will be unusually high during this time.

Therefore, let’s look at several tips to help you navigate the divorce proceedings:

Speak with a legal expert

It stands to reason that emotions between you and your spouse will be running high. Obviously, during the current problem we all face, speaking with an expert may be tricky, so finding information from attorneys like Peters And May online would be more suitable. You’ll be able to learn more about divorce proceedings in the safety of your home. However, as everyone knows, it can be extremely easy for communications to spiral out of control, with both parties saying things that they don’t mean. As a result, it is important to speak with a legal expert like the Baytown divorce attorney who is qualified to manage the divorce proceedings, including drawing up a financial settlement, child support, as well as custody and visitation arrangements.

Be patient

The COVID-19 lockdown has resulted in the shutdown of most, if not all, of the family law courts across the USA; thereby, slowing the divorce cases that are currently in motion and preventing new divorce cases from being filed and heard. While it is understandable to get impatient, frustrated, and even angry, this will harm your emotional and mental health as well as upset your children. Consequently, as challenging as it is to be patient, it is the best route to follow for the foreseeable future. However, you can still look for legal support via divorce lawyers in Harrisburg PA with free consultation, or in any location with a free consultation, so that you know the basics of what your divorce will entail. This way, you still feel like you have a connection to your case, that it is being dealt with and therefore your stress levels won’t be as high.

Keep calm

This tip is closely linked to the point highlighted above. And, it is of particular importance if you are stuck in the same living space as your spouse. It is probably particularly challenging living in the same environment as the person you are about to divorce; however, it is not worth giving them any additional ammunition to use against you. And, if you react to petty arguments, you will only upset yourself. Therefore, the best thing to do is to walk away from any conflict without reacting.