Tips For Proper Preventative Home Maintenance

When you put the effort and the money into purchasing a new home for yourself and your family, you want to know how to keep up with the maintenance on your property.  Your home will keep you safer longer if you take the necessary steps to preserve its integrity.  

As a new homeowner, you may not know all the things you’ll need to put on the “honey do” list.  Here is a brief look into some of the most helpful tips for proper preventative home maintenance.  

Protect your home from water damage

Water is a natural enemy of your home.  You need it for a lot of different things in your life, but water can destroy various elements of your home without warning.  Proper preventative maintenance can not only save you hundreds in repairs, but it will preserve your home’s structure for decades.  

Regularly clean leaves and other debris from your home’s gutters.  Your gutters keep water away from the foundation of your home. If you find a plumbing issue in your home, call a plumber immediately.  Time is of the essence when it comes to leaks and water damage in your home.  

Take the necessary seasonal adjustments seriously

The various seasons of the year require homeowners to perform various maintenance chores in and around the house.  Fall is the time to remove dead leaves from the yard and the gutters. Spring is the time of year to plant new greenery.  

In the winter, you need to cover exterior pipes and faucets to prevent freezing or bursting of your pipes.  In the summer, it’s important that you keep weeds and other natural elements from damaging your home’s integrity.  

Keep up with cracks or gaps in your concrete

Cracks or gaps in your concrete/asphalt don’t always mean that you have to foot the bill for a whole new driveway or walkway.  You can save some money and buy yourself some time by paying a lower price for a quality patch job.  

Check the seals on windows and doors

Your windows and doors can be a sore spot for damage in your home.  Leaky seals around windows can cause mold buildup. Gapped doorways and passages in your home can affect your energy costs.  

Try adding weather stripping to gaps, and stop excess air leakage in your home.  When you invest in windows, get double-paned, UV protectant windows for maximum efficiency.  

Keep your home free of pests

Regular treatments for common household pests will help keep your home clean and safe for years in the future.  

Invest in preventative treatment for termites, too.  The cost of blanketing your house is much more expensive than simply taking the necessary steps to keep termites away from your home.