Tips For Creating a Parenting Plan With Your Ex

Divorce is a difficult and emotional experience, especially when you have children between you.    Parents may fight over custody and have difficulty making decisions concerning their child.

A parenting plan is there to establish how both of the divorced parents will share the responsibilities for the children following the divorce.  Therefore, here are some of the best tips from For Ladies By Ladies for creating a successful parenting plan with your ex.

Consider Counseling

Going through the process of divorce is difficult for everyone, including your child.  Consider going to counseling.  With a counselor, you’ll find the right tools to avoid emotional outbursts, which can cause your children even more confusion than they already likely feel. Counseling can provide stability and support in dealing with the stress of what’s going on.

It can be extremely stressful to try to keep yourself calm during such a stressful time.  Therapy can be a fantastic solution. Hopefully, you and your ex can find a way to reach agreements without letting things escalate every time.

Put Your Kids First

The best way to move forward with a divorce is always to put your children first.  You may feel tempted to do things out of spite to your ex, or let your emotions get the best of you at times.   However, this is not good for your child.

If you always have your child’s best interests in mind, then you know that you’re on the right track.  Over time, you’ll look back on moments when you put your child first and feel much prouder than the moments that you let your emotions get the best of you.

Provide a Calendar To The Court

It’s essential to keep a calendar of everything that you do with your child as documentation. You can show this to the court to demonstrate what kind of a schedule you would like to request with your child.  The court will get an idea of the role that you intend to play in their life.

Having a well thought-out schedule will make it easier for the court to develop a parenting plan with you.

Don’t Badmouth The Other Parent

Emotional breakdowns are common throughout the process of divorce.  However, it’s critical that you don’t let your child see you sweat. Don’t let your child see your anger or involve them in any kind of discussions about the legal case.  It is frowned upon to involve kids in your legal matters in any way.

If you need to talk to someone about the way you feel, then talk to a friend or family member but not your child.  Part of creating a stable environment for your child means and leaving them out of adult matters.