Why Do We Have Skirting Boards?

You may be wondering, “What are skirting boards even for?”

Well, they do actually have a purpose.


Skirting boards can be designs with intricate detailing to give a stylish attribute to a home.

They finish off a room and can be anywhere as tall as 9/9 inches.

Many people paint their timber skirting boards so that the compliment the colour scheme and design desires of their home.


As they protrude around a centimetre from the wall, furniture can be prevented from scraping and damaging paint finishes.

They also stop damages to the bottom of the wall from hoovering and can protect the plaster on your wall from water spills.

Skirting is much easier to replace than having to re-plaster a whole wall.

They Cover Gaps

The final purpose of skirting boards is that the cover the joining of flooring to your walls.

This means any rough edges from carpet or wooden flooring can’t be seen and the overall finish is neat and professional.