Signs Your Car Isn’t Safe To Drive

Whilst most of these signs are pretty obvious, it is surprising how many people ignore the sign and put themselves in danger regardless of the following signs.

These are signs that you should not be driving your car and that you need to call your breakdown provider and get your car looked at.

Do not ignore these crucial signs as ignoring them could lead to more damage and the potential need for scrapping your car.

  1. Warning lights

Your warning lights are put there for a reason. If you ignore them you will cause more damage to your vehicle, and maybe to you, too.

For example, if your airbag light comes on, it creates cause for concern because this means in a collision, the airbag won’t deploy due to a part of the airbag system not functioning properly. Also, driving with no oil pressure or an overheated engine will most likely destroy the powertrain over a short period of time. This will then cause you to fork out extensive repairs when you could have avoided the issue in the first place by fixing the minor issues at hand.

  1. Occassional Stalling

Occasional stalling can be a clear sign that your car isn’t safe to drive. When your vehicle unexpectedly stalls, it not only creates a dangerous situation for you and other drivers on the road but also indicates an underlying issue that needs prompt attention. Stalling can occur for various reasons, such as fuel system problems, ignition issues, or even malfunctioning sensors. One common cause of stalling is a faulty solenoid. For instance, if you have a diesel engine, the proper functioning of components like Cummins solenoids is essential for smooth operation. It’s crucial to have your vehicle thoroughly inspected by a professional mechanic to identify and address the root cause of the stalling and ensure your safety on the road.

  1. Steam

If you see steam bellowing from the hood of your car, this potentially means that there is a fluid leak in your system and the heat from the engine is causing it to evaporate (hence the steam).

If you ignore this, your engine can overheat and create serious damage. If such a situation arises, it is recommended to take your car to a mechanic or use engine rebuild kits to repair the engine’s problem.

  1. Smoke, Flames, or a Smell of Burning

This may seem obvious, but a lot of people ignore small amounts of smoke or the smell of burning coming from the car.

If you ignore these signs you are putting yourself in extreme danger, so pull over immediately upon sensing any of these and call for help.

  1. Changes in Handling

If your car seems to be handling differently than usual pull over and see a mechanic immediately.

The issue may not seem serious but the problem could be linked to structural issues with your car and may be a hazard to your safety.