Should I Get Vinyl Flooring or Not?

If you see many adverts, blogs or comments about vinyl flooring you probably have a bit of interest in why it is seemingly so popular and what it would offer someone like yourself to have it installed.

Vinyl plank flooring, such as Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring products, is an extremely popular flooring choice for busy households due to its many positive features. In fact, the multitude of positive, protective, and easy maintaining pluses in vinyl flooring manufacturing makes it the top choice of an interior designer when it comes to the home.

Moreover, the flooring can get a smoother finish if the vinyl planks are laid properly. For that, gypsum concrete floor leveling work could be done to create an even ground for the tiles to stick. Gypsum underlayments may also have other benefits such as fire resistance, sound reduction, radiant heating, etc. Placing the vinyl tiles on a prepared base can enhance the quality and efficiency of the flooring.


For starters we have to look at the fact that it is 100% waterproof in its design.

Not only is this great news and security for your underfloor, but it makes a fine choice for bathrooms and kitchens also, as they have much higher rates of water risk than bedrooms or living room areas. Those people who like to have unique bathrooms or wet rooms can definitely benefit from the vinyl floor overhaul when it comes to surface water and increased temperatures.

If you have pets or children that are prone to spilling the odd drink or two, then its a solid investment for the years ahead.

Higher Rate of Durability

If your home is prone to heavy foot traffic, then vinyl is the best bet for you.

Over the decades Luvanto Endure Pro and all their subsequent collections have gone to great lengths to make their product durable via a commercial wear layer that withstands larger amounts of foot traffic over time. This makes it a great choice for kid’s bedrooms, playrooms and even hallways where carpet would usually be worn thin within a year.

Although vinyl is heavily scratch resistant, it is still recommended that you install soft pads on any sharp furniture legs and try not to walk in stiletto heels over the floor just in case.

Maintaining to High Standard

Undoubtedly the focus on vinyl flooring has to be its ease in maintaining its look over long periods of time. If you live in an area that is prone to flooding or other disasters, getting vinyl flooring might be a hassle because it does not absorb water, and you may have to hire a Property Damage Restoration Company to remove the flooring and assist in the drying process.

This is achieved by simple cleaning with regular household items such as warm soapy water, a mop and a quick brush, meaning you save on all those specialist chemical products that carpets or hardwood floors would require. As the protective properties include anti stain and scratch measures, you stand to save more time and money on vinyl cleaning than any other.

Should any individual section become damaged in extreme cases, they can be individually replaced at an extremely light cost also. If you’re looking for vinyl flooring installers, you could check for firms similar to Green’s Floors & More.

Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is a very popular brand that takes in perfectly replicated wood, stone and other flooring styles to deliver a practical, protected and professional looking floor which is why its highlky recommended by everyone who has it and everyone who fits it.