Rules for a Successful Eclectic Design

There are lots of different designs and styles you can incorporate into your home, but what if you can’t seem to find the one that completely suits you? Instead of beating yourself up over it, just pick an eclectic design that gives you complete creative freedom and a chance to do basically whatever you want. This style is open to interpretations and you can keep mixing lots of different ideas into one until you’ve reached the look you were looking for. What’s even better is that eclectic design goes well with other interior trends, and whatever your favorite color is, you’ll surely manage to incorporate it. So, if you too are interested in eclectic design, but are unsure how to pull it off in your home, here are a few rules you need to follow.

A white canvas

The most important thing with eclectic design is the ability to combine your colors freely, but in order to do so, you need to have a neutral background that’s going to serve as a white canvas for all your colorful combinations.

Therefore, it’s important to keep your walls simple and elegant: although most people consider white walls boring, others realize that they’re beneficial on so many levels and appreciate their simplicity, creativity and elegance. Don’t forget that neutral paint colors provide a perfect background for all your eclectic color combinations and balance everything out perfectly.

Mix old and new

Mixing traditional and modern furniture might not always seem like the best idea in the world, but it’s still possible if you put your mind to it and think outside the box for a moment. Such a combination can look quite interesting and inviting, and no matter what pieces you pick, it’s going to look much better than opting for just one of these styles.

What you need to do first is identify a centerpiece that’s modern and traditional at the same time and focus all your attention on it – this way, you’ll create not just an amazing focal point, but also open your options for bringing in more items in both styles.

Classic pieces

Speaking of centerpieces and focal points, you should try to find something that’s going to be both simple and unusual and simultaneously modest and eclectic. An extra-large sofa covered with a colorful blanket (look for some unique quilt designs), a recently upholstered armchair with exciting cushions or a round coffee table that combines glass, wood and steel are just some of the ideas you might want to take into consideration. Put your imagination to good use when thinking of eclectic designs in this case! You can make the space super colorful and diverse, or stick to a defined color palette too.

Also, think about decorative and colorful round rugs that can add coziness and elegance to your bedroom and living room, but still leave enough space for a few additional pieces of furniture. These rugs come in different shape and sizes, as well as various colors and patterns, and they will surely go well with whatever furniture you decide to include in your living space.

Color combinations

Choosing colors in an eclectic space is quite easy and you can do literally whatever you want as long as it’s not too colorful or hurting your eyes and causing a headache. Luckily, painting your walls a calming and simple color will give you a chance to experiment with your furniture color and be as creative as you want.

Colors such as pink, velvet, purple, orange, lime and yellow all seem too complicated when you use them separately, but putting them all into the mix will create a creative and exciting flow you’ve always been looking for. Remember, keeping your walls and ceiling simple and elegant means you can do whatever you want with your furniture, so combine the colors without worrying about the final outcome.

One or all?

Eclectic design is complex, unusual and definitely not for everyone, and that’s why you should be very careful when introducing it into your home. While turning every room you have into an exciting mix of colors and shapes seems like the best idea in the world, doing this slowly and steadily might be even better – just in case you don’t like it as much as you initially thought you would.

So, find a room that offers a ton of freedom and is visited by lots of people who can give their feedback, and then consider spreading the design to other areas of your home. Most people start with their living room and freely mix old furniture with brand new art pieces, all the while exploring various color combinations. And if you start enjoying this style, feel free to incorporate it into your bedroom, dining room and even kitchen or bathroom!

Some say eclectic design should be free from all restraints, and while that may be true, having a few guidelines and boundaries is vital, so consider these rules and start enjoying your newly found eclecticism as soon as possible.