Reducing The Number Of Plastic Bags You Use

Single-use plastic bags are an enemy to our environment. Many of us have a kitchen drawer full of plastic bags from various shopping trips. Here are some tips to reduce the amount of plastic bags you use and waste.

Carry a reusable bag with you

Picking up a plastic bag when you’ve ended up doing some last-minute shopping is super convenient but is one of the big ways we end up with lots of plastic waste. Instead, take a few reusable bags out with you, such as a canvas bag. That way you’ll be prepared for any spontaneous shopping you may do.

Return them to a supermarket’s collection point

Instead of letting your plastic bag collection grow and get covered in dust in it’s designated drawers, you can recycle your old carrier bags at a number of supermarkets.

Not only can you give back larger plastic carrier bags, you can also return the smaller bags like the ones used for fruit and vegetables, to collection points. Also, when doing your online shop, avoid ordering plastic bags in the first place and just unload the crates, then see if your driver will take any old bags back to the store.

Use paper bags when possible

Paper bags are a great thing to have around the house as they are both biodegradable and recyclable.

However, it’s important that you make sure you’re reusing your paper bags regularly. According to research, a paper bag needs to be used three times to be a better environmental option than a plastic bag.

Repurpose them

Repurposing a plastic bag is as simple as taking it with you when you do your next shop, to avoid buying more bags. Or perhaps, you could use them as a rubbish bin in your bathroom bin.