How to reduce the costs of D.I.Y projects

We often decide to endeavour on a D.I.Y project either because we want to do something creative or to save money. But it can often end up costing more than either hiring someone else to do it or just buying the product outright.

We get all excited, buy all the necessary tools (which puts us out of pocket instantly) saying, “I’ll use them again for my next project so it’s worth it”. We then spend a ridiculously long amount of time learning how to use the tools and trying to make the project come to life only to realise we’ve more than doubled our original time and budget requirements.

So, what can we do to reduce the negative sides of our D.I.Y projecting?

Smart Wood

When using timber for a project, the costs can often add up. What about if you don’t want to spend a silly amount investing in tools and materials for the job at hand?

A great way to reduce the cost of your project is to get your timber cut to the size and width that you desire. Many places where you can buy high-quality timber also offer services to cut it down to your preferred sizing, in a wide range of quality timbers.

Buy Second-Hand Tools

If your project isn’t a one-off and strongly believe you need to invest in tools for your future D.I.Y projects as well as this one, it may be a good idea to have a hunt on eBay.

If you search for the tool you need and filter by ‘used’ items only, you’ll see a huge drop in the prices. This can make the process much cheaper for you whilst also helping someone else get rid of things they don’t need!

Don’t Reduce Quality for a Cheaper Product

Whilst this may seem to contradict the rest of this article, there is a reason behind it. Whilst you can, more than often, get away with second hand/ unwanted tools – opting for cheap paint etc. isn’t going to help you out at all.

By using those cheaper products, you instantly reduce the quality of whatever you are creating. This then makes it more susceptible to damage and it’ll either not look as good as you’d like or not last as long as you’d want it to.

For this reason, try not to make compromises on the quality of your materials just for a cheaper option.