Pro and Con Decisions About Family Home Additions

When it comes to adding things onto your family home, there are a number of different ways that you can approach the situation. In terms of pros and cons, you can almost always find that an answer will come about of its own accord as long as you think about the right details. For example, if you make a list of the positives and negatives regarding specific additions, then the answers to your questions of whether you should add them or not will become immediately apparent.

For instance, you may be thinking about getting a pool, finishing a basement, adding an extra room, or determining how much storage is needed for your stuff. As you ponder those questions, going through pro and con decisions with your family will lead you to the right answers.

Getting a Pool

If your family is deciding whether to get a pool or not, there are an incredible number of pro and con questions you need to ask. Is it going to be above ground or below ground? Is it going to be concrete or fiberglass? How much real estate will it take up in your yard? As you answer these questions in a family setting, it will become very obvious what kind of variables are put the best at the top of your priority list.

Finishing a Basement

Another big project when it comes to family home additions is if you want to finish your basement. The pros and cons about this decision can be fairly expensive as well. How much money do you have to spend on the project? Is he going to disrupt anyone’s basic living routines? Are you going to approach it more as a DIY project, or you plan on hiring third-party contractors? Does your basement flood? If so, do you have to make sure that you have added protection for extra moisture down there? Finishing a basement can sound good on the surface, but once you really look into the details, you’ll come to a much more practical understanding of the situation.

Adding An Extra Room

If your family has gotten larger recently, you may be thinking about adding an extra room. You have to think about- how disruptive is this room addition going to be in terms of construction? Is there going to be a lot of noise as it’s being constructed? How much will it cost, and what will the value of the home increase once it’s completed? And more importantly, will you be able to find reliable home addition contractors? But all these questions apart, if you are able to separate your children into different bedrooms, they will certainly appreciate it.

How Much Storage Is Needed For Stuff

Finally, sometimes home additions are going to make it feel like you have more room to put things in. However, sometimes adding space or adding elements to your home just means more clutter if you don’t clean up what’s already in your home first. Make sure that it’s a practical decision with respect to the amount of things that your family has before you go adding more space to the mix.