The ‘Portable Assistant’ – Making the Most Out Of Your Phone

Back to our phones – are you sure that you are using yours to the fullest?

Hey, Lovelies! In the spirit of our topic today, I am typing this from my phone. If you use your phone as much as I do, you must be one of those who can’t afford to keep it down. Yeah, yeah, we are the ones ‘they’ talk about when pointing out the flaws of technology.

However, what is a girl supposed to do if her phones help in accomplishing tasks, recording moments, communicating, staying updated with the latest of everything, making money, and keeping up with distant family and friends? With great mobile phone deals in companies like broadband choices, you just got to have and love your phone!

A phone is personal, and you can make it serve you even more and better. You will be surprised on how much your phone can do for you; from the simplest of things to a bit more advanced utilities. Here are some tips on how to maximise your phone.


As obvious as it sounds, try to think of the many times you have rampaged through your handbag, searching for a mirror. This grooming problem can be quickly solved using the front camera. Use the zoom to focus so that you leave no stone unturned and look your best! If it is dark, increase the brightness.

  1. Make extra money

There are many money making apps today. If you are working online, a mobile phone comes in handy. You can also make extra cash with your device by – selling it. There are companies which buy old and used phones for a significant amount of money. Next time you are buying a new phone, try selling your old one to a phone recycling company.

It is a way of caring for the environment, and getting some cash!

  1. Use it as a remote control for your tv

Advancements in the mobile industry have led to the release of more and more smartphones with an infrared port that supports TV control. For these types of apps, set up is completed once you enter the manufacturer.

Imagine, no more excavating through the couch in search for the remote!

  1. Confirm the best deals by scanning bar codes

Be a step ahead – instead of on depending on price-shopping at retailers and internet searches by doing scan product barcodes. All this is possible with the right app that either offers immediate lists of product listing or helps you search for the right product online.

  1. A portable diary and notebook that never leaves your sight

Diary apps are available for mobile phone users who prefer to type their inner thoughts, dreams and day-to-day events as compared to a book that cannot fit in your pouch and a pen. Most of these apps have security settings to ensure unsuccessful attempts by unwanted readers.

Have you ever searched for a pen and paper to note down something quickly only to end up angry? Apart from coming through during such an emergency, a mobile phone can also be used to take notes in classes, seminars, meetings, e.t.c

  1. Monitor your cycle

It is advisable to mark important days of your cycle on your calendar – but honestly, between work, family and house chores it can be quite a challenge. Menstrual apps do all the work for you while helping you track your cycle, stay ready for those rainy days and avoid ‘oops’ moments.

  1. Manage your weight and workouts efficiently

Self-motivation for the gym and that morning run can be hard to come by sometimes. Good thing, there are apps with at-home workout routines to help you attain body goals.

  1. Create and run a simple blog

Major blog hosting sites are compatible with mobile. Meaning, you can easily create a simple blog and post from your phone.

In addition to helping us communicate from anywhere with a network, taking pictures and staying active on social media, there are many other uses to explore – enough to turn your phone into a portable assistant.