Play the destiny quiz

Wouldn’t it be nice to gaze into the future? The possibilities for such an ability are endless. Predicting the lottery numbers or the next winning horse… one things for certain: clairvoyance would certainly be profitable! And while it is mostly just a fantasy pursued by creatives writing books or composing scripts, that doesn’t mean humanity has given up on the idea.

On the contrary, over the centuries human beings have devised all sorts of weird and wacky practices to predict the future. The most common of which are astrology, the reading of tea leaves and the art of crystallomancy. Some of these practices have a traditional association with gypsy fortune tellers, like telling fortunes from a crystal ball.

These aren’t the only ways humanity has resorted to for telling the future however. In fact, some fortune telling tools will have you scratching your head in amazement. For example, take the art of alectryomancy – a form of divination where one observes how a group of birds peck at grains, often shaped into letters. Think a ouija board but with less ghosts and much more poultry.

Then there is haruspicy, a far more gory form of fortune telling that involved the inspection of sacrificed animal livers. And of course let’s not forget extispicy – another divination focussed on the entrails of sacrificed beasts. Out of the three, we’ll stick to watching birds peck at grains to determine if we are going to hit a big bgo win.

As you can see, the centuries have birthed some pretty impressive practices. There are plenty of methods for fortune seekers looking out for the next big opportunity. However, none of these divinations compare to our destiny quiz. Crack your future like an egg by just answering a few simple questions and then we shall reveal all! Now let us gaze into our crystal ball…