Planning to Remodel Your Bathroom? Here’s How to Save Money

If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, then congratulations are in order – we all need a regular upgrade, and that includes all corners of the house (especially the bathroom) as plumbing fixtures and systems need to be updated every now and then. It’s lucky we have access to Dean’s Plumbing and all the other plumbing companies close to us to make this an easy process. Unfortunately we don’t always have the required budget to make very large transformations, as refurnishing and remodeling a bathroom can cost a pretty penny.

Not to worry – there are some simple and straightforward ways in which you can make your bathroom very different. Planning to remodel your bathroom? Here’s how to save money.

Figure out where the tiles go

Tiles can get expensive – and it’s really not necessary to cover the whole floor and all the available wall space with nice tiles. Often more economical alternatives are available that present a just as good or even better result. If you want to add some colour, this is the perfect way to plan in advance. Remember that for some areas you may want ant-slip tiling done. And one more thing – you want to make sure you do it the right the first time because it can be expensive to replace tiles. Carl from Tilers Place has written lots of guides and reviews that will allow you to learn everything you need to know before doing your own tiling.

Paint is cheaper

It’s a great option if you don’t have a lot to spend at the moment – and another great advantage is that you can change the colour after a while when it’s time for a new change. Choose your paint wisely; don’t pick the cheapest option and go for the one that is most resistant to damp environments.

Think carefully about your worktops

There’s a tendency to buy large and expensive worktops. Whilst countertops are indeed a good investment, it’s best to install an expensive one only when the rest of the bathroom has been fixed. For temporary measures, you can buy worktops that have some flaws in them, or old dressers can often serve as sink support with some DIY innovations. They are affordable solutions that are perfect in the short term.

Grout and caulk

An important detail that often gets overlooked. Do it right and it can save you a lot of cleaning time and money.

Update your fixtures

The basin, the towel bar, the light fixture – they are all small changes that can be made in time. But you can also go for a major – yet very effective and practical – change: upgrading your bath. Freestanding baths are a great choice, as they are more affordable now and come in different sizes.

Also, when updating your bathroom, check for any clogged shower drains, leaky pipes, and so on. If you notice any of them broken or in need of a repair, contact a plumber similar to the those from Craftsman Plumbing (look for right away to get them repaired. You don’t want an emergency situation to happen in the middle of the night and hence a toilet repair along with the upgrade would save you a lot of money in the long run.

There are many other things you can do that could very well fit your budget. For example, whenever you update something, ensure that you go green – not only can it become cheaper, it will also be a more economical option as going green tends to save money in the long term. Remember: you don’t have to do all the changes at once. Take your time but make sure it’s all coherent and in line with a certain theme.