Planning A Destination Wedding: Tips To Help You Survive

Planning a destination wedding takes a lot of work.  You cannot simply arrange a destination wedding on a whim.  There must be loads of planning, scouting, pricing, and arranging before you can simply get married.  

Don’t go into the process thinking that it will be simple.  Prepare yourself for a lengthy, in-depth process, and remember that it is all for your benefit.  Though there’s no way to explain every step of the planning process, here are a few planning tips to help you get through to the joyous part of getting married.  

Choosing a location for the wedding

Choosing a location for the wedding may seem like the fun part, but take heed.  You cannot simply choose a tropical location, and then begin planning a wedding that will cost you thousands of dollars.  

In choosing a location, you must consider many things.  Here is a short list of just a few of the things you should consider when choosing where you will hold your destination wedding.  

  • The weather
  • The time of year
  • You need to choose what type of ceremony you prefer
  • Your guest’s ability to get there
  • Your guest’s special needs
  • The culture of the area
  • The legal implications of traveling to the destination
    • Do you need a passport?
    • Are there travel restrictions?
    • How long in advance must people plan their trip?

Plan at least two vetting trips

When you are planning to travel to a far-off destination for your wedding, it is dangerous to try and plan it all without ever visiting the location in advance.  You want everything to go well on your perfect day, and vetting the area is the best way to plan for comfort.  

By traveling to the destination prior to the event, you can choose locations first-hand at  You also have the ability to speak with the people who will be arranging the events surrounding your wedding.  Communication is important when planning such an auspicious event.  

Notify your guest well in advance

A very important tip for a successful destination wedding is to notify your guest of your plans as soon as possible.  You cannot expect your friends and family to be able to drop that kind of money in a heartbeat.  Give them the decency of time.  Give your guests time to plan, just as you have had time to plan.