The Best Picnic Spots in York

If you find yourself in York and you perhaps want to get away from all the festivities for a bit of a relaxing breather, here are some of the best picnic spots York has to offer, particularly if it’s a bit more seclusion you want.

Homestead Park

With a visit to Homestead Park and as the grounds come into view, it’s clear to see that a lot of time and effort goes into the maintenance of the park. Enjoy a good sighting of the well-manicured flower beds to make you feel like you’re in that backyard of yours that you’ve been meaning to take much better care of or let the kids loose so that they can enjoy the playground which houses lots of playground equipment.


If you’ve ever enjoyed a boat ride up or down the River Ouse then you will have naturally spotted a number of good spots for a picnic along the banks. There are plenty of green areas to choose from, one of which is the Tower Street’s green stretch. If your mood has you yearning to explore the riverside a bit further before you cast your picnic blanket and lay down your basket, Clifton Ings is the perfect spot.

York Cemetery

I don’t get why so many people fear the dead – it’s the ones who are still alive whom you should be afraid of! Anyway, a picnic on the grounds of the York Cemetery really isn’t as a morbid as it may sound. In fact, you’ll be treated to all which a nature-loving, tranquillity seeker will enjoy, with some wildlife and wild flowers to set what is a naturally beautiful scene. You might even want to visit the resident Chapel before or after the actual picnic.

Deans Park

This is a picnic spot which is particularly favoured amongst many who are seeking to escape the rare summer heat, but it does indeed make for a great place at which to cool off. Complete solitude is perhaps not the order of the day here, but the iPod speakers setting the mood to suggest that it’s a rather safe picnic spot to enjoy in the shade of the towering trees and the cathedral.

Museum Gardens

Another summer favourite amongst picnickers are the grounds of the Museum Gardens, buzzing with life during the warmer months. This is perhaps where you come to see the heart and soul of York, with all sorts of people enjoying a day out here, from pensioners, young families, couples and teenagers. Share some of your picnic lunch with the squirrels and pigeons perhaps to get up-close-and-personal with Mother Nature in a refreshing way.

There’s some great info on museums in York here:

Rowntree Park

You won’t have to walk very far from the city centre to get to Rowntree Park and it’s also located right by the River Ouse. If you’re packing a heavy picnic and you perhaps want to work off all the food settling in your stomach, make full use of the basketball courts, tennis courts, skate park, and even the children’s play area, all of which are facilities which complement the peaceful woodlands.