The Mom’s Guide to a Stylishly Practical Wardrobe

Motherhood is full of busy days and messy challenges, which is why it’s no wonder that comfort starts to take precedence over fashion fairly quickly. You need clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty, and ones that move with you without restraint. Style seems to take a back seat in these situations, but the secret is that it doesn’t have to. You can be stylishly practical if you simply follow this easy guide:

Choose Quality Fabrics for Higher Performance

There are two ways to determine the quality of the fabric in an item. In most cases, the best fabrics are the ones that are 100% pure, meaning that the threat was not dumbed down in quality to make it cheaper. Getting a cotton-wool mix can be economical, but it won’t be as warm as a 100% wool coat would be, for example.

Another way to test the quality of the fabric is in how thick the material is and how well made. Thin cotton shirts will probably wear through or rip. Or perhaps the seams come apart a little bit when you pull at them. Both are indicators of a sub-standard item and should be passed on for something more durable and long-lasting.

Opt for Timeless Cuts and Styles and Go Bigger

Timeless designs are easy to spot, because they have been adorned by women for generations. They are the pieces that will make you stand out and look great. Trench coats, the little black dress, the dark wash jeans – these are examples of timeless styles that will continue to appeal for decades. As the goal is to wear them for years, go bigger. Treat yourself to designer items that cost a bit more but are made better as a result, and you can feel like royalty every day.

Dress for Your Body

The sizing system used with clothes is completely arbitrary, and though there are sizing standards to help you find the right fit easier, they should never be completely relied on. Don’t go a size down just so you can say you are wearing it. Choose the size that fits you, or, choose a bigger size and get it tailored down to fit your body perfectly. Alternatively, you may purchase womens tailored dresses directly from e-shops like Distinctively Me. It might give you an extensive selection to choose from.

Accommodate Changing Foot Sizes

The best time to shop for shoes in-store is at the end of the day. Your feet will have swollen during this time, meaning that whatever shoes you try on will be able to handle your feet at the end of the day, not just at the start. This will minimize blisters and cuts. Just remember to be selective with the width as well as the length. Needing wide shoes means requiring the store you are in to carry a special selection. You cannot go up a size in a regular shoe and expect enough wiggle room. Instead, visit for your wide calf over the knee boots needs and finally have a shoe you can wear all day long.

Never sacrifice style for comfort and never sacrifice comfort for style. Combine the two to create the ultimate mom’s wardrobe today.