Mobile phone options in your budget range

Are you looking for a smartphone with the most bang for your buck? With so many phones on the market, which one is best? Well, that depends on what you really need. There are a lot of devices that have more graphics capabilities, or more better camera options, larger memory/storage capacity, bigger screen, longer battery life…. the list goes on and on. Among the name brands you will find:

What’s your budget?

When you want to find the best phone for your budget, searching for the right price tag does not need to be a daunting process. There are some super sleek options available! The best options for a lower budget include the HTC U11 Life, the iPhone SE, and the Huawei Mate SE. Let’s explore why these make great choices.

HTC U11 Life: Features Edge Sense Squeeze, which accesses several functions such as taking a photo, and use of voice assisting or other apps. It uses Alexa, and has two equally nice cameras (front and rear). This one is middle-of-the-road at about $350-$400

iPhone SE: This highly rated gem has a 4″ screen, uses Siri as an assistant, and also has decent MP camera, as well as a facetime camera. The battery life is pretty good, and it has about 50 hours of audio playback time. This older model can still be found new and is much lower at around $200.

The Huawei Mate SE: This phone is pretty slick-looking and has a 5.93″ screen. The screen fills most of the viewable area giving it a high screen -to-body ratio. It has a super fast processor for running multiple apps and the battery is huge, so it can go a long time without needing a charge (one charge lasting about 24 hours). It also features great dual cameras and a portrait mode. This model will fetch about $250, so it is a good value.

If your budget is just a bit more, there are other models you might want to have a look at. While there are many other choices, a review of three more that would be sure to bring functionality and quality to the table.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro is a great option. This one boasts a full day’s battery with a 20 minute charge, and is lightning fast. The screen is 6″ and has a big memory capacity at 6GB/128GB, and is water resistant. At about $550, that sounds like an amazing bargain.

LG G6 has some fantastic qualities as well. It offers a 5.7″ screen with two high quality cameras. Google Assistant, fingerprint sensor, a large battery and fast charging capabilities. It is pretty sharp and can be found for about the $400 mark.

OnePlus 5 comes with a 5.5″ screen and two 16MP cameras, and front mount fingerprint recognition. The rear camera has wide angle. Dash charging is an option for this phone, and has a non-removable battery. These can be scored for just around $525.

All of these are in a pretty budget friendly range, compared to new releases. As cell phones continue to hit the market at a phenomenal rate, it’s in your budget’s best interest just to wait a little while. The price for the most current models won’t stay high forever, and Amazon has some great deals. And, with competition narrowing the margins, the costs may be driven down even quicker. Since some are exclusive to one or two carriers, you want to be sure your purchase is compatible with your service provider.

Upcoming Innovation

According to Android Authority, Huawei has created new phones releasing in 2018, and is looking to release a foldable in 2019. The foldable design would be the first of its kind. Smart phones have come a really long way in the past decade, and the race is still on to see what will be invented next.