Making Your Small Place Feel Like A Big Space

Few of us are lucky enough to live in a place of our dreams, which means most of us have to work with what we got. In many cases, this means living in a place that may be a bit smaller than what is ideal. But don’t fret, there are easy to follow tips on making your small place feel like a big space.

Mastering design elements and using psychology to your advantage can make any place feel roomier. Manipulating things like color, texture and patterns won’t add any square footage to your home but will help you feel less cramped and claustrophobic.

For example, going with a monochromatic color palette for your smaller space can help the room feel more open and airy than having lots of contrast. Choosing accents in your space such as curtains made of light fabrics and furniture with long, thin legs also can contribute to the impression that the space is a lot larger than it really is. Walls and floors can be accentuated with striped elements that help guide the eye horizontally or vertically to create the feeling of additional height or width, as well.

For more on this, check out the infographic below on how to make your small place feel like a big space.