Finding it hard to maintain a healthy and happy family? Missing that warm, cozy and loving environment in your family? Yes, it happens. You don’t have to be a billionaire like Bill Gates to keep your loved ones happy. The master key or panacea to solving this issue is nothing but applying this simple formula of living those “little” things, that actually matter in your life.

One must be wondering what are these “Little” Things ? It’s spelt as little, but it means something really BIG. Life is short and every “little” things that you do and enjoy, is what actually counts to your life’s beautiful voyage. They are as simple as smiling to your loved ones when you see them, or a hug to your kids before sleeping, or helping your wife while cooking, or just chit-chatting about your day-to-day activities with your parents, or playing a round of bingo with your family on weekends, or sitting and watching an episode of your favorite show with your hubby, or helping your kids out with their school work, or having those barbecue nights on a chilly night with your family, or just playing a prank with your little brother, or gossiping about your crushes with your sister, or just baking a cake for your kids. The Checklist Maids goes on forever. All you can do is, experience and indulge in these “little” things in your life, which eventually leads you to a affectionate, content, joyous, loving and a caring family abode.

So, just chill out, dive into this sea of “little” things , and relish the alluring journey with your beloved ones. And don’t forget what Robert Brault said – ”Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”