How to light up Christmas for your pets

Why not give your pet a quirky present this Christmas? Here are a few suggestions to help you on your way:

Bring a smile to your dog’s face with this tough rubber chew toy. You throw it and your pet beams back, £4.99, from Find Me A Gift.; 01926 818800.

No need for a wet day to put a dampener on your walks: just protect your pooch with this dog umbrella. Transparent plastic, 74cm in diameter, £19.99 from Pet Pyjamas.; 0203 642 3161.

A great way to save your pets’ legs: treat them to this 5-in-1 pet buggy from InnoPet. It can be used as a shoulder bag, backpack, car seat, buggy and trailer for attaching to a bicycle. £111.20, Pet Pyjamas.; 0203 642 3161 


Save your cat the trouble of washing itself with this cat wash. The world’s first fully automated pet washing machine, it has a cat activation button so your moggie can operate it itself. Or you can wait for your cat to wander inside then press a button to start the brushes. It comes with two bottles of perfumed lotion. Also suitable for rabbits, small dogs and chinchillas. £79.77, from Find Me A Gift.; 01926 818800.

 Perfect for your dog to snuggle into after bath time: a stylish luxury cotton bath robe from Moshiqa, £35, from Lead The Walk.; 0208 981 2612.


Don’t forget the little ones. Your gerbil or mouse will love a super-soft Christmas bed for small animals, £6, from Pets At Home.; 0800 328 4204.

Celebrating can be a thirsty business so make sure your pooch enjoys a festive break with a four-pack of Snuffle Belgian dog beer, a world first. Non-alcoholic and brewed with healthy ingredients: chicken in stock, malt barley, Vitamin B and mineral oils. £10, from PetsPyjamas.; 0203 642 3161.

For pooches with a sense of humour this is the perfect gift: a talking bow tie. You help your dog put his thoughts into words by pressing a remote control button. Offering six phrases and working at up to a 30m distance, £11.99, from Find Me A Gift.; 01926 818800.

Let your pet be a cat in a hat in an antlers headpiece and add a bit of fun to the festive season, £5, from Pets At Home.; 0800 328 4204.

If you are feeling flush this Christmas, treat your moggie to its own flushing lavatory by CatGenie, below. This revolutionary automatic cat box washes away waste, keeping the tray and your cat clean. £365.75 by CatGenie at PetsPyjamas.; 0203 6423161.

 Perfect for the more photogenic pet is this Animal Adventures pet photobooth, below. Offering two settings, one minute your pet can be hula dancing on a beach and the next they will be flying through the sky like Superman. £7.99 from Find MeA Gift.; 01926 818800.