Learn More about Antiquing Your Belongings

Sometimes you just need to know what to use give a special item an antiqued appearance. Antiquing fluid can help you achieve this result. The solution can be used to enhance the looks of certain possessions or provide corrosion resistance to items made of metal.

Giving Your Items a Dated Look

An antiquing solution gives most items made of metal added aesthetic appeal and longevity. Do not worry about the quality of your item being compromised. This type of formula can only improve an item’s design. At this point, you may be wondering how antiquing is applied.

For example, an antiquing solution, when used on materials made of brass, will turn the hue of the material dark brown. A bath is used for the process. Usually, maintaining the temperature range between 35 degrees Celsius and 40 degrees Celsius will reap the best results. According to antiquing specialists, a lower temperature causes the process to go more slowly and also lengthens the recommended immersion time of five minutes. Therefore, it is better to keep the temperature at the required range.

When a metal, such as brass is removed from the bath, it is dried before being softly abraded. This part of the process removes some of the excess coating. In turn, the surface will instantly look antique. Make sure that when you are using an antiquing solution, you do not change an item’s form or affect its condition.

For example, you might choose to antique items by plating them. However, this process can capture hydrogen particles between the surface and outer layer of a belonging. When this happens, it can cause degradation. However, the right antiquing formula will not cause this type of harm.

A Less Risky Method

An antiquing solution is considered less risky than plating and also more cost-efficient. That is why this solution is frequently used to upgrade the appearance of certain items and boost their resistance to corrosion. The solution can be used time and again. Therefore, it is well worth the money that is spent.

Where to Use an Antiquing Product

You can use an antiquing solution on brass as well as metals such as pewter, copper, silver plate, and nickel plate. Use the formula on the following types of items as well:

  • Fittings on furniture
  • Door and window fittings
  • Fittings for suitcases
  • Figurines
  • Jewellery
  • Clocks
  • Coins
  • Plates
  • Buttons
  • Mugs
  • Models
  • Buckles

You can learn more about the antiquing process by visiting a demonstration site. Arrange an appointment so you can increase the value and enhance the looks of items in your home or business.

Each metal has certain requirements when it is antiqued. For example, silver or nickel plate must display components that are free of grease. Silver or nickel plate also requires a water wash to obtain a wetting condition. By looking at a demonstration, you can review the steps for antiquing a specific metal.