Kids Diet Facts That You Should Know

What are the diet needs? Kids need the same nutritional needs as adults, and if you want to feed your kids a healthy meal, then the most important nutritional facts to remember is that they need more protein than they get from the food that you serve them. The problem is that most children get their proteins from lean meat such as chicken, fish, and beef. The ideal snack for kids is one made from natural, unsweetened yogurt or one with whole-grain oats or brown rice. Most of us know that milk is good for them but did you know that yogurt has more calcium than orange juice and even has more protein than chicken!

Another Kids diet fact is that you should not count the salt in your snacks. Kids love the taste of salt but the number one enemy of a kid’s health on a daily basis is sodium. You should use low-sodium canned foods and avoid high-sodium potato chips and pre-prepared snacks. There are three star foods that you should always have on hand. They are: Kids dip (made using skim milk or 2% low-fat milk), rice cakes (made using skim milk or low-fat cottage cheese), and vegetables (such as broccoli, cauliflower, celery, and green beans).

Now, for some kid’s diet facts that will surprise you and may even make you look twice at your own eating habits. Yes, rice cakes and pre-made snacks are great but make sure you add real, fresh, organic design moong or coconut milk to these items. Why? Well, this is because:

Kids need much more energy than adults. This energy comes mostly from the vegetable and protein they get from the fruits and vegetables that you include in their meals. You can give them a glass of deep cow ghee or organic desi ghee that has been diluted with water once or twice a week. Desi cow ghee or organic ghee is very rich in amino acids (especially lysine, methionine, threonine, valine, and taurine) which are important to the growing baby’s brain and body. Also, it contains a large amount of copper, iron, zinc, and folic acid.

Make sure to let your kids drink plenty of fresh cool, clean water all day. Don’t make them drink sodas, juices, or anything with sugar or artificial sweeteners. If you’re going to have an ice breaker during the lunch or dinner break, make it a snack that your kids will love because it’s healthy. A yogurt parlor offers many different varieties of nutritious and tasty snacks that your children will love, as well as many other kid-friendly foods that you will enjoy as well.

Now that you have read these Kids diet facts, you might think that all this is a lot of information to take in. But remember, there’s no such thing as too much information. The more you know about your kids, the better prepared you’ll be to face whatever new challenges may come their way. Keep learning about your kids and their nutrition. The healthier they are, the happier they will be, and the easier it will be for you to get them to learn and adapt to their new healthy diet.