Is Your Old Tech Still Worth Something?

Planning on buying the latest iPhone? The following is a look at how to sell your old iPhone 7 without being ripped off.

So you went rummaging through your old stuff and came across your aging 32GB iPhone 7 stashed away in a closet and were wondering whether it was still worth something. Or maybe you have plans to upgrade to a new version but are short of cash. Regardless of the situation, you may find yourself in, if planning to get rid of your iPhone 7, it will help to know what the old tech is worth.

Since the 32GB iPhone 7 is always a few years old, its value has obviously declined. Do not expect it to cost the same as it did when you first purchased it. Unfortunately, this is the reality when it comes to the smartphone world. Apple launches new iPhones each year which means previous models lose value with every new release.

But this does not mean that your iPhone is completely worthless. The following are ways to sell your iPhone without being ripped off by the buyers:

Sell It to Others Online

Online classified websites like eBay and Craigslist are great avenues for any person looking to offload their old iPhones. The websites will also provide you with more control when it comes to setting the asking price.

If you choose to follow this route, you should be ready to deal with subpar emails, scams, and spam. Apple fanatics are always looking to purchase older iOS devices within a moment’s notice. Older devices are not lost causes as owners will often give them a new lease of life by learning how to jailbreak ios 12.2 to boost its functionality and capabilities beyond those intended by Apple – but, it’s your device so surely you should do with it as you wish, right?

The good thing here is that many will not be too concerned about the condition of the smartphone. The online classifieds will allow you to set your asking price, which is something that you may not be able to do with other platforms.

Note that Craigslist prices tend to fluctuate depending on availability and timing. However, many buyers here will be willing to part with more money to avoid dealing with the hassles associated with waiting and shipping.

Trade the Old iPhone 7 for Credit

If you would be willing to accept store credit as opposed to receiving cash for the iPhone, you will find that there are numerous retailers who will accept to trade with you. The retailers will give you a gift certificate in lieu of cash.

What happens is that the store takes you through an appraisal process and then provides you with an offer for store credit. The store credit can be used to purchase a new model or for other items on sale at the store.

Online retail giants such as Apple, and Amazon provide trade-in programs through their official websites. Other carriers and traders also have these programs, although theirs tend to be in-store trade-ins.

Before you make a decision to trade-in, note that the amount of credit offered will be dependent on the condition of your phone as well as its age. The trade-in location may also play a role.

Sell It Online to a Company

Today, there are plenty of web-based companies that are more than willing to pay top dollar to buy your old iPhone. This is a route recommended for that person who does not want to deal with Craigslist and other online places.

The companies will require you to enter the phone’s information, e.g., carrier, physical condition, and memory. The information you submit will then be used to calculate a quote for you.

When you are done submitting the information, the company will make you an offer. If you accept it, you will be required to ship the phone to them, and then wait for the payment to be sent to you. It takes about seven days for the payment to be sent.