How to Inculcate a Reading Habit in Your Children

Reading skills do not only benefit students academically, but they also help throughout a person’s life, so finding good book recommendations can help students expand on their knowledge and give them something else they can enjoy or learn from. Reading books helps in improving vocabulary, increases attention span, grasping power, and develops creative and analytical thinking. It is important to encourage reading practice in the kids at a young age as it keeps their brains more active. The early age of a child’s life is a developing stage where they absorb anything given to them. Hence, it is the best time to inculcate a reading habit in them.

Ways to inculcate a reading habit in your children

Here are some ways through which one can inculcate reading habits in children:

#1 Read to your child at an early age

Start reading bedtime stories to your child. One that has meaningful endings or moral messages. By this, the child indirectly learns a moral lesson. For kids that are in between the age of 1-2 years, they can be given books that have colourful pictures and pictures related stories. One can find the best books for their kids on sites such as OmdömesStalle.

#2 Create a special reading area for them

Create a reading area for your child that contains the things that they like. Grab a cosy bean bag or a comfortable chair, good lighting lamp, different varieties of books. This will motivate the child in reading without any pressure.

#3 Read in front of your child

If you love reading books, novels, magazines, or even newspapers, make sure your child sees you while you read. Have different expressions on your face so that interest builds in your child to find out what you are reading. Kids learn by observing what elders do. If you are enthusiastic about reading, then your child will definitely catch on to it.

#4 Explore libraries

A library is the best place to explore books and authors without any restrictions. Seeing the number of people engrossed in reading will indirectly motivate your child to pick up a book. Kids usually like to read what they pick out rather than what someone else hands out to them. So, based on your child’s age, give them a book section from where they can explore and pick up a book of their own liking.

#5 Make smart use of technology

We currently live in a technological era, so why not make the best use of it. Kids these days are fascinated by gadgets. Gift them a kindle or download reading apps. If they are into hardcovers, let them order a fantasy epic like Band of Shadows: The Scarlet Onyx Saga ( or their preferred genre online.

#6 Have challenges and rewards for them

Set a target for your kid; for example, one chapter a day. Once the little one achieves the goals, reward them with something that they really like. It can be their favourite cuisine, toy or extra playtime. This would motivate your child to read more as they know that in the end, there is something in there for them.

Reading should not be frustrating. Rather, it should be fun. The whole idea is to make it fun for your child to read. Therefore, adopting these little measures might inculcate curiosity and love for reading for your child.