How to Create Scary Halloween Decorations – fun with the kids

Did you know that you can make your own Halloween decorations using items you have lying around your house? It’s true, and it is a very easy project to get started on. Don’t be intimidated if you have never made anything like this before. It really can be as simple as having an old bucket and a couple of containers with lids or even using a pot and some greenery from your garden. Start out by finding out what sort of items you have lying around the house that you can use for decorations. Halloween is supposed to be fun, and so are these Halloween decorations.

For example, did you know that you can use white vinegar to make a spider web and spooky looking decorations with a little gel paint? You can also make a jack-o’-lantern with a cookie cutter. If you want to go more literal with your Halloween home made Halloween decorations, there is plenty of material from around the house that you can recycle. Old holiday cards, bottle stoppers, wreaths and anything else that you can find will work well. When you are trying to find something to make with the materials you already have in your home, it is always best to start small.

One great idea for your DIY Halloween home made Halloween decorations would be to use white vinegar and make ghost faces out of it. Start by filling one glass jar with the vinegar, leaving a little bit behind to let the water drain, and then add in some dried fruits, such as apples or orange slices. The chunks from the dried fruit should be soaked first to soften them a bit, but try to not let the water soak into the fruits. Once the fruits are softened enough, spray painted with black marker a few ghost faces and you have a very scary looking ghost.

Spider webs can also be used to create some very cool Halloween homemade Halloween decorations. For starters, you will need black construction paper, a length of reflective tape, some wide tape, a pencil and some craft foam cut into the shape of a spider. Once you have all of these items gathered together, you will want to wrap the black construction paper around the perimeter of the foam, press down on the tape and roll the whole thing back and forth until the spider web design is complete. Once you have your spider web decorations completed, you can either cut out spider webs that fit the theme of your Halloween decoration or paint or spray paint spiders that match the Halloween theme.

There are plenty of ways to create great Halloween home made Halloween decorations. Using a gingerbread person as a centerpiece for your buffet table is a fun and unique idea that you can keep for years. Or, why not use a scarecrow and a couple of pumpkins to create an impressive looking display. If you’re hosting a children’s Halloween party, then you can always invite the kids to stand at the doorway with their treats and ghost stories and they can pass out the treats and ghost stories to each other while you tell them ghost stories.

If you have a large selection of different creepy pumpkins, or if you like creating different styles of scary pumpkins, you can make Halloween wreaths and other decorations out of those. The key is to keep it simple and not over do it. Pumpkins are one of the best things you can add to your Halloween decorating, because they are scary but they are also cute and cuddly at the same time.