Why home learning can benefit your child

Many primary schools actively encourage home learning, with some even making homework compulsory and having a set amount that children are expected to do at home.

Whilst this can seem tedious to some parents, home learning is essential for continued development at home. Although, this should not always be based on reading, writing, and maths and should include other areas such as problem solving, experimenting and creativity.

Is home learning pointless?

The idea of extra learning at home has often been viewed as pointless, particularly in younger students, but there is still many who believe that to a certain extent it is beneficial to children to continue their learning outside of school.

Home learning allows children to continue to develop what they have learnt during class and most crucially they are doing this in a different environment, which can further enhance the process of reinforcing information.

By performing small tasks such as spelling or adding up the contents of their parents shopping, children are engaging their brains outside of the classroom and applying their knowledge to different situations.

Some argue that homework is beneficial because it allows parents to encourage their children to learn basic things such as spellings and basic maths, which allows for teachers to focus on the more challenging aspects in class.

With some researchers suggesting that primary school students shouldn’t be pressured in to homework, there has been a lean towards homework packs. These packs allow the children, and their parents, more freedom when it comes to completing homework as the work is completed throughout the term at the child’s own pace. The booklet can be taken in and marked when appropriate so that teachers can check how each child is progressing.

Whilst home learning isn’t always deemed necessary, a slightly more relaxed approach can assist the development of younger children and can reinforce what they are learning in the classroom without taking too much time out of their family time.