Healthy School Lunch Ideas

The morning routine can be stressful for any family when you stretching yourself between breakfast, dressing the kids, getting ready for work, packing school lunches and whatever else is on your to do list.

Making this particular time of day easier might sound impossible, but with some of these healthy school lunch ideas under your belt you will be surprised how being prepared can make such a difference.

Rainbow Vegetable & Fruit Sticks

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Kids love anything that looks fun and exciting, so cut up strips of celery, carrot, apple, cucumber or capsicum to make a colourful bunch of vegetable and fruit sticks. Pack some hummus for them to use as a dip.

Frozen Berries

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Chuck some of your family’s favourite berries in the freezer for a healthy, refreshing snack! These are great in the summer months for a cold snack without unhealthy sugars. Chuck a couple in their lunchbox and I can assure you they will be asking for more.

Fruit & Vegetable Kebabs

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Fruit and Vegetable Kebabs are another great way to brighten up a lunch box with lots of beautiful colours. Cut up a bunch of your favourite fruit and vegetables and place them on wood skewer. Get your children involved with this one as this will make them excited and proud to see them in their lunch box this week. 

Lebanese Bread ‘Chips’ with Healthy Beetroot Hummus

Photo Credit: Flickr

These homemade chips are a great alternative to the packets of chips you can buy at the store. Simply cut some Lebanese bread into triangles and then cook in the oven for about 15 mins or until crispy. If you feel up to it you can make a quick and easy, healthy beetroot hummus at home – there are a few recipes online.

Trail MixPhoto Credit: Pixabay

Get the kids involved and have fun making up your own combination of dried fruits, coconut, seeds and nuts. This is a great healthy snack, and the process of making these together is fun and exciting for all!

I know it can be difficult thinking of healthy, but also delicious treats and meals for your children to eat. Sometimes it just gets all too hard, but there are a bunch of interactive apps and sites that can help you out with process.

Some of my favourites include the Kraft iFood Assistant, the Flavour Generator and Epicurious, but there are several options out there so do your research.

So get creative in your kitchen and keep your mornings stress free with some of these great school lunch ideas!