Furniture You Didn’t Know You Need in Your Kids Room

One of the things that every new parent knows is that decorating the kid’s room is far from a simple task. We are not just talking about things like picking a suitable color or wall decals, or finding the right spot for the toy box, but enhancing the place with the items that could make both your life and theirs substantially easier. That being said, here are a couple of furniture pieces, appliances and accessories you didn’t even know you need in your kid’s room.

1. A docking station

The first thing you need in your child’s bedroom is a docking station, a place for you to dispose of your phone, watch, sunglasses and even car keys, in a situation where you’re directly heading into their room after a hard day at work. There are several reasons why this is a great idea, starting with a fact that you can scratch them with a watch or car keys and that you don’t want to get too distracted by your phone while playing with them.

Of course, people back at the office may need you to be available 24/7, but the last thing you want to do is check your phone every minute while spending time with your kid. For safety reasons, you want this docking station out of reach of your kids, which is why some even prefer to place it right outside of the room. Either way, taking advantage of this idea might just turn out to be of great help in the long-run.

2. A nightlight

While this idea may not be as outside-of-the-box like some other entries on this list, you might want to do a bit more research before purchasing the nightlight. You see, light is the key ingredient to enhancing the ambiance inside of your bedroom and choosing the right nightlight might give you an innovative approach to this issue. You can go with anything from sound activated blocks (something that’s both handy and power-saving) to multi-colored mushroom nightlight. Needless to say, the latter can perfectly fit most setups that you have in mind.

3. The seating solution for adults

While your kids are in their infancy, you won’t leave them unattended for long, which is why you need to observe your bedroom as a shared living space. In other words, for every item you choose for them, you need to add one for your own comfort, at least for the time being. Here, looking for comfy seating solutions like armchairs or better yet, cozy sofas might be the right choice. Keep in mind that the job of a parent includes a lot of standing, which is why you need to ensure that every minute of seating privilege you get is utilized to its maximum.

4. Floor pads

Once your kids start discovering the world around them, the floor of their bedroom will become their playground. This is why you need to ensure it is both hygienic and properly padded. A lot of people prefer to solve this issue by adding an area rug; however, going with floor pads might be a better idea for several reasons.

First of all, cleaning a pad is much easier than cleaning a rug or a carpet, which makes a huge difference maintenance-wise. Second, they give your kid a much more interesting and highly customizable playground. Finally, they are much easier to move in a situation where you need them elsewhere. While floor foam is particularly popular for infants and toddlers, some other models of floor pads can be equally as useful for older children, as well.


At the end of the day, one of the things that separates the kids’ room from the rest of your household is the fact that it needs to be functional first and visually impactful second. Of course, in the best-case scenario, you wouldn’t have to choose, which is something you should strive towards in your decoration attempts. Look at it this way: you and your kid will be the people who spend the most time in this room, which is why you need to accessorize it in a way that suits you the most. One last thing, as your kid grows, your home’s design might need to evolve in order to keep up.