Five Fun Things To Do With Kids This Summer

It feels like summer in the great outdoors and the kids are starting summer vacation. That means it’s time to start fulfilling, or making, some of those summer plans. Your kids want to do fun things in the summer before they have to go back to school and start focusing on school work again.

You don’t always have to go on a big summer vacation to give your kids a fun and enjoyable summer. There are some things you can do that are nearby and others that just need a small road trip. Here are some fun ideas that the entire family can enjoy.

Go Fishing

Fishing is a fun and educational sport that the family can do together. All you need is a water source containing fish, a dock or a boat, and some poles. Teach your kids to dig up bait in the yard (worms or grubs). Shore fishing is your cheapest option because it doesn’t even require a boat.

If you want to venture into some fly fishing, everyone is going to need the right gear. This includes waiters. Smaller kids may not have the dexterity to try this type of fishing, but it can be a blast for teens and pre-teens.

Go Canoeing/Tubing/Kayaking/Surfing

If fishing isn’t your thing or you’re worried about your kids hooking themselves, but you still want to do something by the water or on the water that isn’t swimming, consider going for a ride on a river or lake. You don’t have to own your own tubes, canoes, or kayaks to enjoy this fun summer sport. Plenty of places near waterways rent them out.
Also, if you live near a beach (or can drive to one), here’s a fun water sport you can try with your kids: surfing! For kids aged 5 and above, taking a surfboard out and riding the waves shouldn’t be too difficult once they become familiar with it. Consider signing them up for surfing lessons that are offered by this San Diego Surf School or any surf school closer to where you live, if you are not very sure of teaching them by yourself.

Check Out A Music Festival

If you and your children sometimes enjoy the same types of music, or you’re at least able to tolerate each other’s musical preferences, consider going to a music festival. Even small towns are putting on festivals with music nowadays or having music nights in the local parks. You don’t even have to see a national act. It’s likely your own town or city has some pretty good local musicians you can check out.

Go To A Water Park

Amusement parks are a summer destination for many families. This year look for one that has a water park as well. Nothing is more fun on a hot summer day than riding in a log into a pool of water or sliding down a giant snake slide just to land in a big pool of cool water.

Take A Road Trip

Whether you have a specific destination or not, pack everyone up and hop in the car and go. Spend some time on the open road. Stop at parks and lakes you see on the drive. Look for fun and unique roadside attractions. It will probably be one of the most memorable vacation trips for your kids. Bring a tent and stay at a scenic campground.