The Flooring Trend

We are always keeping our eye out for fresh trends and people are constantly finding new desirable materials for their floor. Recently, a lot more people are looking for screeding contractors in London or near their location for the modern feel to their home. However, we have also spotted a trend that has been around for centuries and has still managed to stay fresh. This trend was traditionally created for practical purposes and was the cheapest raw material available, we are of course talking about wood flooring. Traditionally there was no variety of wood flooring other than the species and it was cut down into shape to create floorboards.

Now modern technology has allowed a variety of wood flooring products to be created. It has even allowed for Hardwood Floor Refinshing Chicago companies to take an old hardwood floor and potentially make it look like it was freshly installed. Some products that are used for flooring are real wood and others such as laminate replicate the appearance of wood. Laminates are actually manufactured using artificial materials such as high-density fibreboard and forms of plastic.

Wood flooring is popular due to its sustainability and longevity, the initial payment may seem expensive, however when you divide this payment by 40-50 years, it quickly becomes a relatively cheap option for what you are paying for. Since we are focussing on flooring trends, we have recently discovered a modern product that we believe you will love. White wood flooring is a new product that is certainly catching the attention of the interior design world as subtle pastel tones start to take over during the winter months. White is not a colour you would associate with wood flooring; however, it is a pastel white, which enables you to have multiple options when it comes to selecting furnishings and accessories.

Now white flooring can divide opinion, and this is what makes wood flooring so popular, it does not have to stay white forever. You have the ability to sand and refinish wood flooring to any specific tone you are wanting. So, after 10 years if you get bored of your white floor and want a new trendy tone that all the interior designers are shouting about, then all you have to do is simply sand and refinish your floor. Within a matter of days, it will appear that you’ve had a brand-new floor installed.

Another flooring trend that is the complete opposite of white wood flooring, is dark laminate flooring. More specifically, black laminate flooring has recently become popular heading into the winter months as the dark tones create a cosy environment. Laminate flooring is manufactured using several layers, however the top image layer is the most important layer as this brings the product to life. The image layer allows multiple shades to be created and appearances that simply cannot be replicated by wood flooring or stone.

Another great benefit of laminate is that it is extremely cheap in comparison to wood flooring which will be enough of a motivator for most people to check it out now. There are only a few downsides to laminate flooring. These include that it is not as sturdy, does not feel as great underfoot, and does not have a long life cycle, however like any product you get what you pay for.

It is important when purchasing new flooring that you take advise, however you stick to your own personal decision. Many flooring companies may try and sway your decision, but it is important to take your time over such a big decision that can make such a huge difference when renovating your home.