Fashion Tips For The Expecting Mom

On the runway of life, we ladies like to light up every room we can along the way. Finding out we are with child brings a natural glow and makes it even easier to shine. However, as pregnancy goes on, quite a few of us deal with feeling as big as a house or that in some way we are less attractive to our spouse.

Somehow we assume that being a vessel for the miracle of life makes us less pretty. This is definitely not true. An expecting mother is gorgeous all natural, without makeup, in sweats and t-shirts, or even a comfortable gown. However, for those who like to keep up with the pretty prego prance, here are a few items of interest.


One of the most uncomfortable things on the planet is to be pregnant. Jeans just won’t do it after awhile. Even the cute sweatpants and t-shirt combo get annoyingly tight after a while. There is an alternative.

A beautiful flowing gown during an especially difficult pregnancy can bring a smile to the face of an uncomfortable mom-to-be. A floral print can accentuate the flowing curves of mom and baby and allow a comfort no other piece of clothing may offer.


Being pregnant is like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. At first, it seems like the journey will never end, but as you go, you begin to see glimmers of hope in the glistening light at the end. One of the blessings along the way is as simple as a pair of leggings.

Not only are they ten times more comfortable than a pair of your best dress pants or jeans, they are a good base for several adorable outfits. Good with a long flowing gown, a beautiful blouse, or a warm sweater, leggings are the perfect choice for almost any outfit and any occasion a mother to be would frequent.


The most noticeable part of being pregnant is that beautiful baby bump. Baby walks into the room before you do every time. Why not dress to impress? There are so many different ways to express yourself and just as many different blouses. Are you a football fan?

There are blouses to help you support your team all the way through the delivery room. Have a favorite flower? Pick from hundreds of gorgeous floral prints. Sporting a good sense of humor through it all? Find the perfect saying to make your friends and family share a laugh.

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to give up being the stunning young woman you are. All you did was take a step up in the world of beauty. Dress to address this awesome chapter in your life.