Welcome one and all to The Rickards, the blog where we chronicle everything that’s going on in our lives and hopefully offer a bit of useful advice to our readers along the way. We are Rebeca and Jeff Rickard and we are delighted to say that we are blessed with an amazing family.

Hailing from Arizona, we have experienced so much alongside our two sons – Will and Andrew – and lovely daughters, Jill and Kate. Now we want to bring those experiences to you and we have chosen this website as the way to do it.

How We Met

So before we talk more about the site, we’d like to share a little bit more of our story with you. Both of us have worked in IT for our entire careers, with Rebeca working as a 3D designer while Jeff is a Python developer who helps many small businesses with customized software.

We have always been interested in internet technologies and have watched with wonder as the constant advancements made in the online sphere allow people to connect in so many ways all over the world.

This led us both to the same online business conference one fateful day in 2002. We introduced ourselves and there was an instant connection. We hesitate to say love at first sight, but it sure felt like it and it wasn’t long before we were sharing a lunchtime coffee in the cafeteria after the first round of presentations. Over the course of the next few weeks we spent every possible moment together.

Our Whirlwind Romance

We enjoyed something of a whirlwind romance and were engaged within six months. Jeff worked with a few friends to create a video that he posted online in which he proposed to me. I said yes without a moment’s hesitation and we were married within a year of meeting each other.

Our first child – Will – came a year later and was closely followed by our other three. We have spent our lives since focusing on building our careers and moving forward so that we can provide the lives our children deserve. In doing so we have experienced so much together and dealt with the trials and tribulations of life as a family unit. That’s what brought us to this point and The Rickards blog.

Why We Write

The Rickards was initially created to act as a bit of an online journal for our family. We would talk about the things we got up to and write about the challenges that we have overcome together to get to where we are.

We soon found that we had developed quite an audience, which led us to expanding the focus of the website to cover as many topics related to family, life, parenting and wellbeing as possible. Today we write both to help others who may find themselves in similar positions to the ones we have been in before, and to earn a little extra money on the side using AdSense, affiliate programs and our own online advertising services.

Our Goals For The Future

So where do we see ourselves in the future? Well our aim for the blog is to continue growing the readership by offering exceptional advice based on our own experiences and those of the many guest contributors who have shared their own stories on The Rickards. Perhaps in the future we will be able to make this blog an even stronger source of income so we can spend more time at home with the kids.

However, our main goals, as they always has been, are to provide great lives for our four children and to share in everything that life throws our way.

Best Wishes – Rebeca and Jeff Rickard