Getting Your Family Back On Track After A Car Accident

Every year, roughly two million Americans are injured or disabled in car crashes, statistics from the Association for Safe International Road Travel reveal. After being involved in an accident, it’s common to focus on physical recovery while being thankful no worse injuries have occurred. But emotional and psychological damage can be just as serious as physical – especially for children who can find car accidents can be very frightening. Here’s how you can get you and your family back on track after a car accident.

Winning the mental battle

Some people are able to move on quickly after a car accident, while others experience more moderate to severe psychological symptoms, including, depression, anxiety, mood swings, social withdrawal, and sleep disruption. In most cases, these symptoms pass on their own. It can help to accept your feelings as normal responses, confide in a close friend or relative, and take good care of yourself. If, however, your symptoms persist or worsen, consult a doctor who may prescribe therapy or medication.

Supporting your children

Roughly 15-25% of children involved in car accidents develop symptoms of depression even months after the accident. It’s important to be attentive and get your child professional help if necessary. Most children, however, move on quickly. After the accident, carry on with your normal routine and encourage your children to do the same. This will reassure them life’s now back to normal. Talking about the accident is healthy, but don’t force the conversation. Always stay calm, factual, and answer their questions truthfully. Rather than bringing up the frightening aspects, stress that you’re all safe now and the accident is in the past. Talk about positives like how caring their relatives, school, and friends have been. You can also support your children by praising them for handling it well and sharing your healthy coping mechanisms for stress.

Pursuing financial compensation

After a car accident, it’s understandably common for families to focus on recovery rather than pursuing legal help. But receiving financial compensation plays a key role in getting your family’s life back on track – especially if you have medical bills, lost wages, and repairs to pay. If you need help finding a suitable lawyer then Udall Shumway has the best team in AZ so if you’re from the area, you should definitely check them out. A word of warning though: Avoid approaching insurance companies who will try and dispute your claim. “Insurance companies do not want to give you what you are entitled to and will rarely pay the requested amount of damages” this Gilbert personal injury lawyer warns. Hiring a reputable lawyer is the best route to take to pursue your rightful damages.

Car accidents can be traumatic for everyone involved. Fortunately, with proper attention paid to mental health, physical well-being, and financial compensation, it’s possible to get back to normal. These tips will help your family recover from the damaging effects of a car accident.