Best Dog Breeds for Seniors Living Alone

Often referred to as the “Golden Years,” many of today’s seniors say life is not the way they had planned or even imagined it to be. Many have lost most of their friends and loved ones, leaving them to live alone and feeling every bit as alone as they truly are. Many geriatric doctors and psychologists recommend getting a dog for the companionship they provide. Not only are dogs great company, but they will also help to keep you active and in better physical and/or emotional health. However, what kind of dog best suits your lifestyle and, of course, the place you live? It’s important to understand your choices.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

What an adorable dog this is. With its long ears and puppy-like face, you can’t help but immediately fall in love with a Cavalier. Although you will need to spend some time grooming a Cavalier, you will find that they are among the breeds most likely to snuggle up and stay right by your side. If dog walking is going to be an issue, remember that these dogs are quite easy to work with, so dog walking services shouldn’t be an issue. Everyone who meets a Cavalier falls in love with them at first sight!


So, this is a rather large dog and not what you’d consider an ideal pet for a senior, right? Actually, that is far from the truth! Most greyhounds are not those over-energetic racing dogs we think them to be but are rather sociable and will sit by you for hours on end. They are sometimes referred to as “cat-dogs” because of the amount of time they spend sleeping and lounging! Retired racing greyhounds often need a lot of rest especially as they’ve worn their joints through the years. If you do pick this breed get them something comfortable like this Bobby Bed for them to relax in, though don’t be surprised if they want to cuddle up on the sofa too. Greyhounds aren’t completely lazy though, they do require regular exercise as do most dogs, but dog walkers find them to be easy to handle and train. While you ‘could’ have them in a larger flat, these dogs do like to have room to romp, so country living might be a better match for a greyhound. Even so, remember that greyhounds do like to loaf about, so they shouldn’t be frisky enough to tear down the house.

French Bulldog

Commonly referred to as a Frenchie, this dog is perhaps the most cheerful of any dog you could choose. You wouldn’t believe it to look at their rolls of skin and mournful-looking eyes, but when they smile (as dogs really do!) you’ll know it right off. They do have a good bit of energy and so they will need to be exercised regularly. If you’re unable to take your dog out yourself, then consider using a dog walking service. You can find a dog walker near you by using the Wag! website which will point you in the direction of dog walkers in San Francisco, Los Angeles and many other areas throughout the US.

So then, there you have an example of a small, large, and medium-sized dog that is absolutely perfect for a senior. The right dog will keep you company, help you stay physically active, and actually keep you healthy much longer. It’s been scientifically proven! Just be mindful to choose a breed which you can manage when living alone, even with the help of dog walkers, and you might even forget that you are alone. Aren’t dogs great? You bet they are!