DIY Gift Basket Ideas

A gift basket is a lovely present appropriate for any occasion. Whether you’re attending a housewarming party, a baby shower or maybe you want to wish your niece a happy freshmen year in college ‒ a gift basket is a perfect gift that’s both charming and handy. While you can purchase it from various catalogues or order it online, putting together a gift basket yourself will add a more personal touch to it. This is especially true if you’ve already decided on the type of products you wish to put in it. So, if you want to make a unique, personalized gift for your friend or family member, check out a few great DIY gift basket ideas.

College survival gift basket

The freshman year of college can be quite challenging, and the one thing you can do to help your little sister’s, daughter’s, or cousin‘s moving process is to get them some of the essentials. Put together a gift basket with all the necessities she’ll find useful, so that she’ll have one thing less to worry about. From cute clipboards, pencils, pens, staples, notepads, and sharpies that she’ll need for her classes, to tissues, nail polish, and a first aid kit ‒ make her first few weeks in a new dorm as carefree as possible. Use a plastic crate, line it with a cute cloth, and arrange all the items nicely, hanging an inspirational tag on the side as well.

Spa and pampering gift basket

Nothing will make your friend, mom or sister more spa-ready than a pampering gift basket. Use a hexagon-shaped wood box, and fill it with all the little necessities a spa treatment requires. Cute little bath bombs, nicely folded towels wrapped in jute twine, bath salts and a loofa will be some of the best presents. Add beautiful Mor skincare products to offer the women in your life the best skin care. Throw in a few nail polishes, a nail and cuticle cream, pretty coloured files, pumice stones, potpourris, candles, essential oils, sheet masks and a body scrub. To make it even more special, you can make bath fizzies, soaps and scrubs yourself, and place them in jute bags and customized jars. Wrap the basket in colourful paper and top it with a bow to make it a true delight.

Housewarming gift basket

If your new neighbours have invited you to their housewarming party, and you don’t know what to give them ‒ put together a gift basket. You can use a batter bowl as a cute little container instead of a standard basket. Line the bowl with kitchen towels and throw in some fun cooking, baking and miscellaneous items. Try to use as much colour as possible, to put together a cheerful basket. From a sandwich crust cutter, through patterned paper towels, cheese graters and zesters, to cookie dough scoops, baking spoons and spatulas ‒ your new neighbours will be delighted to receive such a thoughtful gift. For a cute final touch, throw in your family’s favourite recipe, wrap a bow around it and your housewarming gift basket is all set.

New baby gift basket

When it comes to a baby shower gift basket, the possibilities are limitless. Just starting from the type of basket you’d like to use, you can opt for a cloth-lined basket, a plastic bowl or a bucket, or even a baby bathtub, to arrange all the little essentials inside. Keep in mind that whichever type you choose, it can later be used for various purposes, such as a depository for baby’s diapers on the changing table, a toy to play with or an actual tub for the baby to bathe in. Once you decide which container you’ll use, fill it up with various items, from diapers, diaper rash ointment, and baby sunscreens, through baby powder, bath soap, wipes, lotion, and soft hairbrushes, to a baby thermometer, baby bibs, pacifiers, and hooded baby bath towels. Baby tees, baby booties, onesies, and rattles will also be a good choice. In fact, many people choose to make or purchase t-shirt blankets and quilts as a personal gift to include (check out Memory Stitch for more information) for both the new baby and the parents to enjoy. This adds a cool twist on the traditional gift of a quilt. Make a name chain with wooden beads and attach it to your basket to personalize it and make it unique.

Final thoughts

When you don’t know what to give your friends as a housewarming gift, a baby shower present, or any other occasion, putting together a gift basket will be your best option. Just pick up a few essentials, arrange it nicely so it will look presentable and your friends will love it.