Design A Scandinavian-Looking Bathroom

In recent years, Scandinavian interior design has been making all the headlines by combining modern features with retro motifs, creating a perfect symbiosis of style, harmony, and serenity. The most notable applications of this style can be seen in Scandinavian bathroom design, where simplicity meets style in an attempt to create a truly unique environment imbued with true peace and positivity.

The new design trend is not only functional by resulting to contemporary space saving solutions as well as modern features, but it is also unmistakably unique and beautiful. Here is how you too can design your very own Scandinavian style bathroom the entire family will adore.

Minimalism and purity

When thinking Scandinavian, think minimalistic. This design style is characterized by a clean space free of clutter, an enchanting setting devoid of the noise of everyday life, a true oasis where troubles seem to dissipate into the unknown.

By embracing a semi-minimalistic mindset, you will not only be able to keep your bathroom clean at all times, but you will also rid the place of any unnecessary distractions and fill it up only with the things that truly inspire serenity and positivity.

What’s more, the style makes use of a scaled down color scheme, where pure whites create a foundation upon which you can expand to imbue the space with personality and flair. White amenities and white walls complemented with light wooden outlines such as the doors and the windows, the shelves and the cabinets, play wonderfully with the purity of white hues.

Introduce natural elements

Nature plays a key role in bringing the Scandinavian bathroom to life. The Danes cherish their relationship with nature by introducing potted plants into their bathroom design, not only to give it its unique aesthetic appeal, but also to support warmth, mental clarity, and positivity.

Aside from plants and flowers, be sure to introduce the aforementioned natural materials in various hues, from light timber and oak, to brooding, maroon elements such as rosewood or maple.

Keep it modern

The cornerstone of a Scandinavian bathroom lies in bringing modern features and retro designs together. Therefore, this type of bathroom can only come to life if you combine these quaint elements with modern baths, vanities, sinks and cabinets, storage units and leisure areas.

Combine these features with artistic details such as old ladders as a substitute for shelves or floating mason jars as substitutes for cups and you will be one step closer to creating your fully-fledged Scandinavian bathroom. You might also want to look into underfloor heating mats, which can be bought on sites like Wetrooms Design. This could be advantageous during the winter months since it is an efficient heat emitter.

Add a dash of variety

Naturally, you want to add a dash of variety to this clean setting by introducing elements that resonate with your particular taste and personality. Be sure not to overdo it, as simplicity is one of the key motifs here, so a couple of decorative features coupled with retro elements and greenery should be enough to make your design truly stand out from the rest.

While you do want to preserve the peaceful ambiance you’ve created, you also want to break any monotony that might have crept its way into the room, so a big empty wall that’s not in use is the perfect place to hang some of your favorite artwork.

Illuminate copiously

Finally, the Scandinavian bathroom depends heavily on luminosity in order to bring the ambiance to life. So, think big windows, French grained doors, white curtains and of course, warm artificial lighting. By keeping the windows clean and expanding them across the walls, you will let plenty of natural light permeate the room, and by replacing the old solid door with a grained glass model, you will allow light to seamlessly travel through your home.

The Scandinavian design trend is taking over the world and is finding its place in houses, city pads, and weekend cottages across the globe. By incorporating these timeless elements into your bathroom you will have no problem creating a truly unique setting imbued with lifelong peace, positivity, and serenity.