Creative Home Improvement Ideas

There are a number of reasons homeowners complete home improvement projects. Some projects are necessary to bring your home up to code or make it inhabitable for you and your family. Other people do home improvement projects because as a hobby or because they genuinely enjoy the DIY process. Then there are those projects that people do to help add value to their home. Some of these projects can involve all three, for example, adding glass balustrades to your home. People wonder why glass balustrades should be used and the answer is they add safety, aesthetics, and are fun to have installed, or install yourself if you think you can. However, if you’re in the last category of people, you’re not alone. There are a number of home improvement projects you can do that may increase its value and make it more attractive to potential homebuyers should you ever decide to sell. However, there are some jobs, like any major electrical work, that should always be done by Electricians in Atlanta, or professionals more local to you, as they will have the knowledge and professional tools to do the job properly.

Consider Your Kitchen

Kitchen upgrades are one of the most attractive upgrades to make to your home and can really help increase its value if done properly. When it comes to upgrading your kitchen, the sky’s the limit, so make sure you keep your budget in mind. Some upgrades people look for in kitchens are high quality countertops like Corian or marble, real wood cabinets, tile backsplashes, walk-in pantries, and stainless steel appliances. You usually can’t go wrong with a well done, planned out kitchen upgrade.

Beautify Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are another room of the house that can help increase your home’s value when remodeled. A popular trend today is turning your bathroom into a personal oasis with luxuries such as soaking tubs, waterfall shower heads, heated flooring and towel rods, and built-in Bluetooth speakers. Some people are even upgrading their toilets with glow-in-the-dark toilet seats and bidets.

Basements and Man Caves

Any room in the house can be considered for your next home improvement projects. Even basements are getting upgrades these days due to the flexibility they offer. Most basements are unfinished, which creates a blank canvas for any DIY lover who loves a challenge. Some are turned into ultimate man caves, complete with a bar and entertainment area for watching football with the guys. Others are being turned into playrooms or second living rooms or families with small children.

Heating and Cooling Upgrades

Another one of the most popular home upgrades people are making is to revamp their home’s heating and cooling system. Many homes come with dated HVAC systems that aren’t always very efficient. Replacing those old, dated systems not only has a positive effect on your home’s value, but can also save you money each month on your energy bills. Another fun upgrade to include in your home’s HVAC upgrade is to purchase a smart thermostat, which you can control from your mobile device and can even learn your household’s habits and adjust itself accordingly.

Backyard Upgrades

People are taking staycations to a whole new level with some serious backyard upgrades. Nothing seems to be off limits with these fun projects and people are getting creative with their ideas and incorporating things such as outdoor kitchens, glamorous greenhouses, picture-perfect pergolas and even outdoor movie screens. Not only are these upgrades fun and festive, but they take entertaining to a whole new level and can turn your backyard into a relaxing escape from reality. Before doing these upgrades, it might be worthwhile getting an expert lawn care company, like Trugreen in FL, out to see if your lawn would benefit from any treatments to make it look as beautiful as the new things that are going in the backyard!

Clean nook and corners

You may have heard the phrase, “cleanliness is next to Godliness” Every home improvement requires a major cleaning of every nook and corner. So this would include wall corners, hinges, behind appliances and windows. Make sure to leave no stone unturned. Windows can get quite tricky to clean when the panes are compact or when there are window sills. In all such cases, you may want to hire an expert service like NICK’S Window Cleaning.

Don’t Forget the Extras

If you’re looking for little extra projects that you can do in a weekend that can also have a positive impact on your home’s value, don’t forget the little, often overlooked extras. Giving your front door a fresh coat of paint, upgrading your garage door with new hardware and some windows, putting in some elbow grease to give your landscaping a facelift, or resurfacing your driveway can give your home a boost and increase its curb appeal. No matter which home improvement project you decide to tackle, as long as you’re smart with your budget and incorporate practical planning, you should see an increase in your home’s value. There’s also the joy of knowing at the end of your completed project, you’ll have a newly refinished room or living space you and your whole family can enjoy.