In the world today, almost everything we interact with is powered by technology. With that has come the need to learn how technology works. Consider it more like learning the language used in the community you live around. Yet when it comes to children, the debate never seems to end on whether or not they should learn how technology works. The education system, despite heavily embracing the use of technology, is reluctant to reform its curriculum and let children learn coding. Why don’t we want our children to learn the language used in the world they live in? Letting children learn coding is an investment not only into their future, but also the society’s.

Here are six reasons why you should get your child into a coding class;

It is the newest and most common language in the world

In a world that is increasingly becoming controlled with programming and software, it is easier to consider coding as one of the many languages of the world. Remember how excited you have always been to learn a new language or activity? Let your children bask in the moment too. In the digital era, learning coding is part and parcel of literacy.

Coding helps in developing computational thinking and problem solving skills

Coding can help children come up with new ways of solving problems, a skill that they can also use in other aspects of their life. How to return an array in Java, for example, is a fairly simple code to learn but can have much benefit when building bigger programs and solving computational problems.

Computational thinking also make it easier to understand the basic concepts like algorithms.

If they are going to be consumers of technology, let them be active consumers

Children are spending more and more time online and are constantly on digital devices. They are reading news on sites like Todaysglobalnews.Net, chatting with friend and learning new things. However, using technology and understanding the technology are two different things. Coding is the most opportune way to have them understand technology, which helps them weigh its advantages and disadvantages.

Children are fast learners

At some point, we are going to have to teach children how technology works. There is no running away from it! Instead of waiting till they grow older and are more concerned with their dates to the prom than learn Java scripts, why not teach them now when they are open to it.

Consider it a free problem-solving skills class

Coding lets the child look at the whole picture and learn how to face the problem from different perspectives. It also provides an opportunity for them to get to know immediately whether the solution works or not. Coding teaches children one important lesson we are afraid to teach them: it is okay to make mistakes, learn to grow out of them.

Stimulant for creativity

Children have unlimited imagination. Coding provides unlimited potentialities to explore such imaginations and make them come alive. It allows them to actualize their ideas and sort of come into touch with their ‘superpowers’.

Encourages critical thinking

Coding is about breaking down a big problem into smaller problems and finding solutions to the smaller problems which in turn solve the bigger problem. This instills analytical thinking and enables the child to sort of connect the dots. This is a skill they will need in the everyday life as adults. Nurturing it from an early age places them at an advantage.