A Chance to Reminisce: Turning Family Reunion Plans Into a Successful Event

It’s a chance to reminisce and see old faces. The family may gather for holidays but it’s hard to keep in touch some years. It takes an effort to afford a chance to reminisce. Ensure the gang’s all there and it goes off with a bang at your next family reunion.

Pick a Date

If you can get over the hump of inaction and actually claim a reunion date then you are well on your way to a successful event and ahead of most people who only wish for a reunion. There’s no hard rule as to when to hold your event. Perhaps it’s best to consider barriers that may prevent those from coming and choose a time that is most accommodating. For example, it may be harder for elder members to travel or move around in colder climates.

Recruit a Team

It’s incredibly difficult to plan a reunion on your own. It would be ideal to get other family members on your planning team or recruit experienced professionals to help you reserve a location, hire vendors, send invitations, keep track of who is coming, and those who still need to reply.

Make People Want to Come

In a perfect world, family members want to see one another for no other reason than affection and love. In the real world, most of us need some inspiration to get out of our normal routines, even if it’s for a good cause or reason. Therefore, sweeten the deal by hiring a band, planning activities, or choosing a vacation site as the reunion spot. Think more like a promotions person and less like a nagging family member. Ad people and marketers motivate people by highlighting benefits of services and products, so think of the reunion as your ‘product.’ The weather is warmer in the south. See about having the reunion at the Renaissance Charleston Historic District Hotel.

Introduce Family History

Family members are up on the present but not all of them know about your roots. Do some investigating and research your family tree with newspaper archives, obituaries, etc. Go as far back as you can and find details about a number of family members. It’s interesting and information that bonds family members together. If you are having trouble with the research, use genealogy services that can assist you in the process.

Record the Event

Unfortunately, not all family members will be in attendance so it would be great to record the event. Hire a videographer or ask a camera-handy relative to take video and still shots, interview family members, and create a storyline for the family reunion event. You can take the social media aspect as far as you want. Start by launching an official family reunion website.

Ask for Input

20 years ago, it would be difficult to get the constant input of family members and impossible for several remote members to discuss details in real time. In the age of the Internet, it’s very easy to ask for the input and opinions of others from Facebook, Twitter, etc and have an ongoing conversation. It assuages your fears of choosing the wrong venue, food, and entertainment and gets more family members involved in the reunion planning.