How Does a Bath Board Help People with Mobility Issues?

If you suffer from mobility problems, something as simple as taking a bath can become a lot harder. You aren’t as capable of lowering and raising your body into and out of the bath, and you’re less able to stop yourself slipping and falling.

Baths are relaxing, so nobody wants to find themselves unable to take one. In fact, people with mobility issues gain added benefits from taking a hot bath since they improve circulation and help to loosen muscles and joints. That’s why you should use a bath board.

But did you know there are other aids available to help individuals with limited mobility bathe easier? For example, installing grab bars or handrails near the bath area can provide support and stability. Using a handheld showerhead allows bathing while seated. Tools like a standing shower foot scrubber Brush can help individuals maintain foot hygiene without straining or compromising their balance. These tools and aids help ensure that everyone can enjoy the relaxing benefits of bathing, regardless of mobility challenges.

What is a Bath Board?

Bath boards are simple enough to understand. They fit within the bath from one side to the other. Because they are raised higher than the natural bottom of the bath, it’s easier to get in and out of the tub. They also come with textured surfaces, so users are unlikely to slip and hurt themselves.

Perfect for people with limited strength or mobility, bath boards let you enjoy the benefits of a hot bath without having to lower yourself all the way down. You won’t be fully immersed in water, but you’ll still be able to enjoy the heat and wash yourself. They can also be used in conjunction with shower-over-bath setups since they have slats and holes that drain water away.

Besides, such bath aids can be extremely useful for elderly people who are unable to walk properly. Bathroom grab rails, bath steps, bath seats, bath boards, bath mats and pillows, and bath lifts are a few of them. All of these mobility aids are intended to make bathing safer for you and anyone assisting you, as well as to make bathing more comfortable and enjoyable. If interested, you can get bath aids for the elderly in the UK here.

Buying a Bath Board

The bath board is a simple concept, but that doesn’t mean that buying one is easy. You’ll need to take several things into account, including the exact dimensions of your bath. It’s also sensible to consider which material you’ll be most comfortable with. Common options include:

  • Reinforced Plastic: Cheap, easy-to-find, light, and low-maintenance. Just make sure you check the maximum weight capacity.
  • Wood: More attractive and extremely strong, but some people find wooden boards a little too hard.
  • Metal: Extremely strong and long-lasting, but cold and heavy.

For added comfort, look for bath boards with padded PVC or contoured seats.