Get Ahead Now To Avoid Over Spending Next Christmas

The key to not getting debt for Christmas? Start now! In February we can easily end up struggling as we pay off our credit card bills, packed full of all our Christmas expenses. There is an easy solution to avoid this though and that is to start planning, shopping and saving now for Christmas 2017.

But why should I do that you ask, simple… to stop the debt cycle.

A recent study conducted by online voucher code and money saving website My Voucher Codes found that 35% of people had over spent at Christmas and 57% admitted they would probably do it again this year. The problem with over spending is it exaggerated your debt hitches and it can seem like you’re in a spiral of just paying off debt and adding to it.

The study showed that:

  • 35% had overspent
  • 38% had kept to their budget
  • 27% had spent under their budget

What people said:

“I like spending money on my family at Christmas, I love to see the smiles on their faces when they open their gifts and enjoy the celebrations. Our whole family gets together to celebrate, something we don’t do that often so we want it to be special.”

“I work hard and save for Christmas so I can provide them with what I missed out on when I was a child.”

“I do regret overspending at Christmas when January comes around and I have no money, but that is a distant memory come next Christmas and I spend, spend, spend again, but it is what it is.”

What to do now:

My suggestion would be to start now. Planning, prep and saving. Take advantages of sales throughout the year and offers and make use of the time by making gifts to get a head start on the gifts. Decorations, wrap and cards can be bought clearance now, or look to make your own. For food, unless it can be frozen, you best waiting to closer to Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a plan in action so you can be prepared and save.

It might seem too much to get started now, but trust me the savings you make and the time you will have will be worth it.