Amazingly Shabby and On-Trend Kitchen Design Products

Sometimes, the old styles and trends are the best ones. It’s not a coincidence that shabby kitchen designs are so on-trend right now. You should consider jumping on this trend if you want to give your kitchen a little rustic style. It’s easier to do than you might think, and you can take it as far as you like too. Read on to find out more.

Use Salvaged Cabinets

It’s relatively easy to find salvaged cabinets. There are a lot of small businesses that specialize in taking old cabinets and making them new and interesting. Or you could buy them directly from a seller who is remodeling their own kitchen. One person’s junk is another person’s treasure, and this is the perfect demonstration of that proverb. They will instantly add some old-fashioned and classic elegance to your kitchen space. You won’t necessarily have to spend much money on them either.

However, if the kitchen of your house has been in use for years now, then simply changing the cabinets may not be enough. You could need to paint the walls, get the slab replaced, or even opt for complete remodeling, likely with the help of reputed remodelers (similar to the ones found on in some cases. When you replace the cabinets after these minor changes, then you would certainly get the look you desire for your kitchen.

Store Things in Stylish Glass Jars

Kilner jars can be used to store all kinds of kitchen essentials. They are much better than using modern storage pots because they look a lot more stripped down and elegant. You can store coffee, rice, dried beans, and all sorts of other things in them. They can then sit on an open shelf or on your kitchen soapstone countertops for everyone to see. They add a little extra decoration to the room. It’s one of those simple touches that can make a big difference.

Make Use of Open Shelves

Open shelves are very popular in shabby and rustic kitchens. Rather than having cabinets attached to the walls, you can install some very simple open shelves to sit your items on. You can then arrange those items neatly and make them easier to access. Of course, you won’t be able to keep things messy the way you would in an ordinary closed cabinet. But if you can cope with that, open shelves are great design products to opt for.

Other great kitchen accessories and storage ideas such as pull out baskets can be found in the link.

Add Flowers to the Room with Watering Can Pots

If you ask me, flowers should always have a place in the kitchen. They bring some of the outdoors indoors and make them that little bit more natural and interesting. You can add a shabby design touch by purchasing a watering can-themed pot for the plants. These are made by many companies, and you can find them online if you want one. They are usually metal with a simple design on them. They look really good in kitchens that have an overall shabby design in place.

Consider Vintage-Style Appliances

We all need kitchen appliances, but do you need the latest shiny appliances out there? Instead, you could purchase a vintage-style appliance. For example, you can get old refrigerators. Of course, you can get a real old one that’s been around for decades. Or you can get a reproduction appliances that adopts the style and design of those classic refrigerators from the 50s and 60s, while also being modern on the inside. That decision is entirely up to you.