When we started The Rickards blog we never imagined that we would be able to provide such a massive service to the people who visit the site every day. Our advice and guidance has helped thousands of people with their own lives and we now want to offer advertisers the opportunity to do the same.

We work closely with all of our advertising partners to make sure their ads reach the people who can make the most use out of their products and services. If you’re still on the fence, consider the following, all of which you will get if you become an advertising partner with us.

Driving Your Business Forward

We know that one of the major issues that many small business owners face is trying to figure out ways to drive their businesses forward and achieve expansion while staying within budget. It’s an issue that Jeffconfronts every day in his work as a Python developer and it’s also one we can help all of our advertisers with.

Placing ads on our site allows you to generate exposure among an audience that is interested in what you have to say. This will result in an influx of new visitors to your own website, many of whom will become loyal customers. The more customers you have, the better your business will do, setting the stage for expansion.

We Have A Large Audience

So just how many people can we bring you to the attention of? How does 15,000 unique monthly visitors, alongside thousands of regular visitors sound?

The Rickards has a large audience and, best of all, it’s growing. Many of those 15,000 stick around and come back to the site every week to read the latest updates. They share content with their friends and explore the products and services advertised on the site so they can put the advice we give them into practice. Having your advert on our site means this large audience will see you first, right at the moment they are inspired to try the services and products that you offer.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Having been interested in internet technologies for as long as we have, we have used a number of online advertising packages. While each has good and bad points, the major issue that we found many of them had in common was that it often took a large investment before we could figure out exactly who the ads we created should be appealing to and how we could make sure those adverts got in front of those people.

This all adds up to a lot of money and time spent on tweaking your ads. However, if you advertise with us that’s something you don’t need to worry about. Not only will you not have to spend time on all of the technical stuff, but we can guarantee that your ad will be placed in front of a large and relevant audience from the moment that you launch your campaign.

Our Visitors Are Active

Another major benefit of advertising with us is that the relevance of our audience is complemented by its activeness. Each person who comes to this site is searching for something. Usually this means advice, products and services that can help them with their needs.

By advertising with us you place yourself in prime position to appeal to people who are actively searching for what you have to offer. Their needs will motivate them to explore your business, which results in more visits and a greater return on your investment.

So Do You Have Something To Offer?

One caveat is that we want to ensure all of the businesses advertised on The Rickards have something to offer to our visitors. This allows us to maintain the integrity of the site and ensure that our Rickards family is provided with whatever they need.

Does this sound like you? Will your products and services help to enrich the lives of the thousands of people who come to this blog every month?

If so, please do get in touch with us today by using one of the site’s contact forms. We will work with you to create an advertising package that suits your business needs.