Adjusting Family Life to Remote Working

For many the shift to remote working has been a blessing in disguise as it has provided much more time to spend with family and cut out the day to day commute and the longer hours that come with travelling to and from work – but it is quite the adjustment to make, and being at home round the clock whilst working isn’t something that many are used to, and although the opportunity may start to return for those to get back to the office, it may be worth making other adjustments if you’d like to stay at home whilst working instead – but how can you ensure the best possible way to do so?

Create a separate space for yourself to work in – To be the most productive you’ll certainly want to set up your home office away from any distractions of your family, creating a space to keep the work life balance will certainly help with your own sanity too. It will allow you focus whilst you are at work solely on working without risk of the kids wandering in but will also provide a space to leave alone when you are with the family, so you know when you’re in the working space and you’re in the home space.

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Don’t forget to take a little personal time, too – Whilst for many it certainly is a big benefit to be at home whilst working, often times the long commute to and from work could be your only down time and the only time you’d have to spend to yourself. It’s important then to make sure whilst at home you have a little time to spend on your own hobbies, a movie to yourself here or there or this list of betting sites which have been a big benefit to those stuck at home. This may be the most important of all, as between work and family, it’ll be hard to find a little time to have a break. 

Don’t be afraid to change up your own schedule, where possible – The biggest benefit to this change perhaps has been the ability for many of us to change our own day to day schedule, a little more choice over when we’re able to start our day of work and when we’re able to finish, this means we’re for the first time perhaps able to fit our work schedule around our family life rather than the other way around, and this should certainly be taken advantage of wherever possible, and can provide an opportunity to not only free up some more time for yourself in the point previously but also help you improve your own work as you work to a schedule that best fits yourself.